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Christina Referendum Does Not Pass…Cowards Who Voted No Want Children To Suffer

Exceptional Delaware

The Christina School District referendum did not pass today.  Unofficial results for Newcastle County are showing 5,074 for and 5,968 against.  This is a stunning defeat for the children of this school district.  Those who voted no must see these children as Delaware’s most unwanted children in the state.  It amounted to $4.50 a week for the average citizen.  I feel ashamed to live in Delaware right now.  Red Clay is celebrated like the second coming, but Christina is the unloved stepchild of Wilmington.  Did any of you who voted no ever think about that?  What these children will lose?  You voted NO for the future of our state.  You voted NO for the over 13,000 students in this district.  You voted NO on their ability to get the same equal education other districts get.  Your vote guarantees more jobs will be lost.  And with charters getting shut down left…

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Governor Markell must be all smiles as Christina’s referendums fails

Christina School District residents reject tax increase  Matthew Albright, The News Journal

The referendum was defeated by a vote of 5,968 to 5,074.

Folks it is very possible the stage for a state takeover of a school district has been set. Those who think things are already bad in Cristina but get a grip because, a state takeover will be far worst!