Who Delaware school vouchers push DE DOE to do a better job

The reality is there is a perception that all Delaware traditional public schools are failing. But the baseline for assigning failure is the state standardized test. And of course the flip-side is school that do well and outstanding are measured by the same test.

Education data produced under Governor Markell’s administration is severely skewed to a point it is invalid. Markell’s data reveals a 30 year low in the high school dropout rate and a 30 years high is the graduation index. With all this success one must wonder why the need to eliminate DCAS and replace it with The Smarter Balanced Assessment?

Think about this, if traditional public schools weren’t failing there wouldn’t a need for charter schools! Folks there is a Republican grassroots campaign seeded with High-Pockets Pete $$$ to advance school vouchers using H.B. #353 aka Parent Empowerment Education Savings Account that was tabled in Delaware House Education Committee 05/29/2014 soon to be rewritten early 2016. Don’t let the title fool you, we’re talking school vouchers! The first phase will be for high poverty students then expand to all students.

I don’t oppose school vouchers because it would add to school choice! And yep it won’t be received by labor too well! But then again we have labor to thanks for F’ing up public schools and I am not talking $$$ demands. Labor was a visible part pushing for Race to The Top the gateway to the nightmare we have now! Some say Kilroy needs to move on from Race to The Top and what Judas did! Wishful thinking! Those educators acting as Race to The Top cheerleaders own it! 

I wonder how DE DOE would operate within a voucher system? They screwed up the charter school movement producing a charter school framework set out to prematurely approve charter schools and destroy charter school before they open the first year. DE DOE gives new meaning to what is a “cluster-fuck”.

School vouchers are a big debate issue and you’ll be hearing more about them during the upcoming 2016 election cycle. But one thing for sure, students at Moyer and Reach should be getting school vouchers rather than being force back to feeder-school not making AYP. Do remember there are some Moyer students who attended Pencader. So they were screwed twice by charter schools.

In the big picture failing charter schools add to the need for school vouchers and the fix is in that allows charter school fail. The DE DOE CBOC Reps just sit back and don’t question expenditures and the usage of commercial credit cards.  One thing for sure, DE DOE would not survive a top to bottom audit.



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  1. Freire Fan

    WHY do you only blame the DOE CBOC reps for expenditures? What about the Division of Accounting, which cuts the checks and is supposed to monitor the use of the cards? The board, who holds the charter in the first place?

    We all get that you think you are making a bigger point, but you’re just proving your own stupidity.


  2. kilroysdelaware

    Freire Fan, Cathy, Walter, Babs and Scott are the names you have been using! Please stop being a disservice to Freire if you are really a fan.


  3. Freire Fan

    “Kilroy” – by posting under a pseudonym, you lose all right to criticize anyone else for doing the same. (You point a finger, and 4 point back at you.)

    And if you were smart enough, you’d be able to identify me or stop me from posting under multiple names.

    But since you’re not bright enough to do either of those things, or even recognize your own hypocrisy, why don’t you give me a direct answer to my question?


    • kilroysdelaware

      You are the only person commenting that uses 5 different names! Why? I can stop you but believe it or not I respect your right to comments and your “opinions”. Uses that many names makes you a troll. I would never identify you as it serves no purpose! If you are a fan of Freire you are being a disservice to them. But that is your right!


    • Freire Fan, I was able to identify you. So I know exactly what you’ve been up to on Kilroy’s as well as on my own blog. So if you want to have a chat about hypocrisy, I’m game any day of the year…


    • Kilroy, Eleanor and Ted haven’t come here to visit?


  4. Guess that shut him/her up. I was looking forward to a spirited jab fest.


  5. “Think about this, if traditional public schools weren’t failing there wouldn’t be a need for charter schools! ”

    This misconception needs to be nipped in the bud… Charter Schools have failed everywhere they’ve been put into policy…. LA, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Washington, and in Arne Duncun’s home…. Chicago….. Here, THERE IS NO NEED FOR A CHARTER SCHOOL…… especially now that REACH and MOYER have been pulled which actually did serve a valid need but took students away from new incoming for-profit schools, (so we certainly couldn’t allow that…) If what you speak of were true, if there were such a great need, ….. all charters would have waiting lists with sign-ons six years in advance, just as soon as the baby came out of the birth canal, proud moms and dads would quickly race to get them on the list before the next baby popped out down the hall…..

    Instead, charters have huge gaps in their enrollment….. The answer is obvious…. Public schools rule! Charters drool…. Public schools are run with military precision, benefiting all who enter their doors; Charters are run by corrupt thugs, who make promises to the moon, then abscond with the seed money, and kids are left hanging from trees with chartered nooses around their necks…..

    There is a reason charter schools fail… THEY HAVE NO SUPERVISION…… no accountability whatsoever…. There is a reason parents do not send their child to charter schools! THEY ROYALLY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But this is not news… everyone, even those waving the Charter School Banner, ALL know this is true… There is a Mount Everest pile of evidence now proving beyond all doubt, that charter schools destroy education…. and only public schools funded by the public, can benefit all children stretched across all society……. As I said, not everyone says so publicly… Some still lie, but we all know…. we all know that charters are a myth, and very bad for any child who gets sucked up in a system where more and more charters are allowed to spawn…….

    As to your statement……. it shows you are not thinking… just regurgitating… It is probably time to face the music that charters, are not the way to go…. Saying that because charters exist, means they must be worthy….. is like saying that because a certain brand of the 137 brands of toothpaste on a Walgreen’s shelf, exists…. it must be better than every one of the others….

    No, not true… Charters are nothing more than one more toothpaste; put in a different box; advertising some sexy broad brush her teeth, bent over the sink with way-above average buttocks squeezed into very skinny jeans poking up at the lens of the camera…. hoping that one of the new suckers born every minute, will bite and make that dude some money……

    Just because people send kids to charters…… does not mean they are better…. Unless of course you don’t care about the Mount Everest high pile of evidence to the contrary…….

    We know you are loyal to charters because….. but time to face reality, dude…. There is a huge gigantic mountain telling you what you used to think…….ain’t necessarily so……… 🙂


  6. Pencadermom

    Good Lord, Kavips switched his hookah for bath salts.


    • lastDEconservative

      That is one sick pup. Typing in his/her underwear in mom’s basement. Medication and supervision is definitely called for.