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Who Delaware school vouchers push DE DOE to do a better job

The reality is there is a perception that all Delaware traditional public schools are failing. But the baseline for assigning failure is the state standardized test. And of course the flip-side is school that do well and outstanding are measured by the same test.

Education data produced under Governor Markell’s administration is severely skewed to a point it is invalid. Markell’s data reveals a 30 year low in the high school dropout rate and a 30 years high is the graduation index. With all this success one must wonder why the need to eliminate DCAS and replace it with The Smarter Balanced Assessment?

Think about this, if traditional public schools weren’t failing there wouldn’t a need for charter schools! Folks there is a Republican grassroots campaign seeded with High-Pockets Pete $$$ to advance school vouchers using H.B. #353 aka Parent Empowerment Education Savings Account that was tabled in Delaware House Education Committee 05/29/2014 soon to be rewritten early 2016. Don’t let the title fool you, we’re talking school vouchers! The first phase will be for high poverty students then expand to all students.

I don’t oppose school vouchers because it would add to school choice! And yep it won’t be received by labor too well! But then again we have labor to thanks for F’ing up public schools and I am not talking $$$ demands. Labor was a visible part pushing for Race to The Top the gateway to the nightmare we have now! Some say Kilroy needs to move on from Race to The Top and what Judas did! Wishful thinking! Those educators acting as Race to The Top cheerleaders own it! 

I wonder how DE DOE would operate within a voucher system? They screwed up the charter school movement producing a charter school framework set out to prematurely approve charter schools and destroy charter school before they open the first year. DE DOE gives new meaning to what is a “cluster-fuck”.

School vouchers are a big debate issue and you’ll be hearing more about them during the upcoming 2016 election cycle. But one thing for sure, students at Moyer and Reach should be getting school vouchers rather than being force back to feeder-school not making AYP. Do remember there are some Moyer students who attended Pencader. So they were screwed twice by charter schools.

In the big picture failing charter schools add to the need for school vouchers and the fix is in that allows charter school fail. The DE DOE CBOC Reps just sit back and don’t question expenditures and the usage of commercial credit cards.  One thing for sure, DE DOE would not survive a top to bottom audit.