Don’t reward Governor Jack Markell by turning your back on Christina School District’s Operational Referendum

Christina schools deserve a ‘yes’ vote May 27 : News Journal / Delaware Voice John M. Young

Christina School District is holding an operating referendum on May 27. In Delaware, we rely on the beneficence of our taxpayers to fund the local portion of our children’s education. This includes all children in the district regardless of which public school (charter schools are fully publicly funded schools) they attend, hence the slogan for our campaign: Christina, Charter, Choice: We All Win!

A group of dedicated, tireless, parent volunteers have been e-mailing, calling, meeting, door-knocking, and social media blitzing the general population since the district announced the May 27 referendum. While it is common for many opinions and concerns to be expressed anytime a school district goes out for referendum, in the case of Christina, we have an additional hurdle to overcome. In the mid-2000s we overspent monies and were forced to take a loan out and repay the state: we repaid that loan in 2011. We have little control over how people feel about that, and while we understand those concerns, we focus on the fact that it has been fully resolved for over four years.

What we can control, though, is asking you, directly and sincerely, for your vote. Our schools have continued to deliver great programs and education: award winning dropout prevention at Sarah Pyle Academy, the first public Montessori program in Delaware, the statewide Autism and Deaf programs, award winning music and arts programs, and excellent athletics are just a small part of our continuing commitment to educating our community.

The bottom line is this: costs (energy, supplies, and salaries) rise over time and unless and until the public adds money to the coffers via referendum, eventually these two lines (costs v. flat revenues) will cross. We are at the point, five years since the last referendum, where those lines will cross again this year. This is not about scare tactics regarding what will happen if we fail to pass this referendum: it’s about our most important civic duty: educating our community. Please go to and get the facts before you vote. There you will find FAQs and links to multiple social media outlets where we are having a vibrant, direct, and honest discussion about our schools, our families, our taxes, our teachers, our administrators, and most importantly, our students. Join the discussion. Get informed.

Be an informed voter. Then vote. The students of Christina would benefit greatly from your vote on May 27.

John M. Young is a member of the Christina School District Board of Education.

Of all the school districts in the state of Delaware, Christina had the most courage to tell Governor Markell, not so fast with Federal, State and Wall Street overreaching intrusion!

All odds are Markell doesn’t like John Young’s brashness and I say TFB! And Markell won’t lose any sleepover a failed referendum! Odds are he’ll say, serves them right for not kissing my ass! 

At the end of the day, a vote against the referendum  is a vote against Christina’s kids and will empower Governor Markell to privatize Christina School District bringing in the likes of K12.Inc and we seen what K12.Inc did with Moyer!  

Delaware Governor Jack Markell has made a mess of Delaware’s public education. Do you honestly want the Delaware Department of Education taking-over Christina School District?

2016 election is approaching and the Delaware Department of Education is on the eve of implosion! By this time next year many key DE DOE officials will be going, getting out of Dodge before the next governor comes in swinging his ax! Jenny will be back on South Street Philly selling Pretzels and Penny will be heading back to her left-coast charter school. Odds are data bean-counter will be heading back to Vermont just in time to collect the Maple Tree sap! Then there is The Coach! I hear the bells of St Mary’s calling! Perhaps Lillian will hire him to babysit all the Teach For America recruits!  

CSD Parents and community, don’t believe you are punishing CSD adults by voting no! Taking teachers and paraprofessional away via budget cuts HURTS STUDENTS.  

If Christina goes without a successful referendum DE DOE doesn’t have any better resources to address the cuts in education services that are needed.

If Christina parents and community feels they need to change the leadership in the district and the board then DO IT! Seriously! But why did the incumbent board member run unopposed just a few weeks ago? 


3 responses to “Don’t reward Governor Jack Markell by turning your back on Christina School District’s Operational Referendum

  1. Let’s look at this:
    “What we can control, though, is asking you, directly and sincerely, for your vote.”
    So does this sincerity exist now, but not with the other 3 referendums where similar overinflated requests were followed by more realistic requests? Does the sincerity exist only now, AFTER a clear effort to not discuss much of the details to voters in the hopes that it would fly under the radar? Does the sincerity now address a “removed” CSD website comment section identifying that even CSD School board members and their spouses were calling CSD’s information, questionable?

    “At the end of the day, a vote against the referendum is a vote against Christina’s kids ”
    So even Kilroy has dipped his toes into the game of pay no attention to the men/women behind the curtain controlling/ mismanaging the resources- focus on the kids and don’t hurt the kids. Kilroy, who do you think has been hurting the kids/ district? Me? My neighbor? I don’t think so. There’s plenty of people right within the district staff having much more influence than me and I have very little ability to get their ineptitude out. But you want the residents to pony up the money before seeing the correction?

    “But why did the incumbent board member run unopposed just a few weeks ago? Because they followed KO’s and JK’s lead and have “opted out”. Isn’t that their right? They have chosen to not bang their head against the wall for the upteenth time expecting a different result.

    Markell is gone in a year along with Coach. Who will be fill in? Another D who might even be less committed to correcting the Delaware way but that’s enough justification to give the district more money towards their continuing effort to ignore a large percentage of families and their kids? Come on.

    And I still hear crickets in response to a full audit and cost cutting of CSD to eliminate non essential services over the district’s choice of eliminating teachers and paras.


  2. The biggest issue i have with the referendum is the tag line ‘we all win’ – is it a game where there are winners and losers? if it passes are the schools being shipped out to red clay winners or is the board winners for getting rid of such low performing schools? maybe their marketing should have included charlie sheen’s “WINNING” on the radio ads? maybe they’ll serve tiger blood to those at the polls today to ensure a yes vote?

    and i agree that all kids have a right to a good education, but lets rethink the privilege aspects – middle schools do not need sports. its great if they have them but they should be self sufficient. have some bake sales – stand outside acme like the girl scouts, have parents take joe corbis to their work and peddle them.


  3. lastDEconservative

    “Do you honestly want the Delaware Department of Education taking-over Christina School District?”


    At some point, even Shawshank Redemption wouldn’t be worth watching again if it was the only movie that had been playing for the last 50 years. I say change the reels, pop some new corn, ice down the soda pop, and hit the switch. And us? Lean back in our seats and watch the story unfold. No talking till intermission. Besides, what’s one more span of a couple years of -potential- destruction from a slightly different direction than that of the last couple decades of -actual- destruction?

    Could the damage to the chil’ren actually be any worse than it will be if Coach and Co. don’t take it over? Psstt. No. Notice, not will it or won’t it, but will the degree vary.