Delaware traditional public schools must fail to justify charter schools and charter schools must fail to justify school vouchers

Delaware charter school movement has stalled and more closures on the way! Why?  

The systematic undermining of traditional public schools is part of an agenda to justify charter schools. We all know the means to measure all schools is a flawed standardizes test that keeps changing to ensure FAILURE! The charter experiment has proven, charter schools academically are no better than traditional public schools.

The charter school experiment is over in Delaware and now all eyes are on school vouchers! Delaware State Representative Debbie Hudson has been designated by the Delaware Star Chamber to run with the voucher ball and she has high-pockets Pete’s blessing!

Where do students go when traditional public schools and charter schools fail them? You got it school vouchers! Do get me wrong, school vouchers have merit. However, sneaky Pete and his new pool-boy Ronnie over at CR are going to push the agenda! Hudson was given the ball to get the game going!

Rep Hudson has no intention of seeing H.B. 61 make it to law! Giving parents this much transparency might reignite real shared decision-making at the local level. It will never happen unless the widows are open! Surely she doesn’t want to see real transparency reform in traditional public schools and charters! She needs them both to fail to a point the call for school vouchers aka education saving accounts will make traction! Just like it did for charter when the traditional public system was undermined.   

Just like with Wilmington school crisis, parents and the community must be part of the voucher conversation before any laws are enacted! Otherwise it will be another Kool-Aid fest!  Hudson represents the elitist and they $$$$$$$$$ own her! Come 2016 election cycle Hudson needs to be put out to pasture! And keep an eye on the idiots who support here H.B. 353 about to be repackage for this current legislative session. H.B. 353 was introduced last session and was just a probe and lookout for it’s replacement!   

Even DE DOE Jenny is clueless to the voucher agenda and is nothing more than a pawn in the Delaware Star Chamber’s agenda. The Coach is another clueless fool! His nothing but a hologram that soon the plug will be pulled and his services will no longer be needed. He has done nothing but read the script handed to him!

What we need to do as parents, grandparents and community is to demand needs-based funding and steps to end social promotion. Many Delaware students will be handed an empty high school diploma via social promotion. But more importantly we need better transparency of our public and charter schools. Parents and the community needs to send Rep Hudson packing come 2016   



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