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Red Clay has a charter school mess on their hands! CSW and DCPA

Charter School Updates 5/13/15 

Delaware College Preparatory Academy

 School Leader- Angela Dennis

 Board President- Yardise Jones

 Enrollment- 193 (RC-57)

 Performance Frameworks

 Academic- Does not Meet Standard

 Financial- Does not Meet Standard

 Renewal Year- 2015/2016  Concerns  Enrollment- DCPA did not make their 80% enrollment by April 1st, 2015.

 Finances

 Enrollment concerns continue to impact budget resources

 Facility repairs concerning with budget already tight.

 Of note… The 21st Century Program has been rated one of the best in the State.

Kilroy says, DCPA can’t meet enrollment targets and now wants a modification to reduce enrollment requirements from 300 to 255 students.  

Fall Enrollment
  2013-14 2014-15
Kindergarten 75 59
Grade 1 42 48
Grade 2 44 38
Grade 3 25 25
Grade 4 18 20
Grade 5 14 13
Total 218 203

So they are about 100 student short of their approved 300!

Red Clay has their hand full with their oversight responsibilities of their three charter schools. Looks like big lawsuit brewing at Charter School of Wilmington and you can bet Red Clay admins will be named in the suit. No doubt with this mess you can bet $$$$$$$$$$$ legal fees paid by Red Clay taxpayers to CYA in any action against DCPA. Red Clay charters receive local and state share of $$ but what is the cost to Red Clay for babysitting these charter schools and babysitting the babysitter who doesn’t seem to be going a good job?

Last DCPA board meetings minutes posted February 2013 Hey Kenny if they record their board meetings like Red Clay perhaps you and the other board member might really know whats going on! Or would your just settle for Mr Magoo’s monthly reports? Monthly finical report looks like crap! 


Charter School of Wilmington & Discrimination: Student Denied Due Process and Subject To Potential Profiling By Head Of School

Exceptional Delaware

When people think of the Charter School of Wilmington, they think about one of the highest-rated high schools in the state.  But beneath the shiny veneer, there is a very dark undertone that is pervasive throughout the school.   This became clear to a student who I will call Bill (to protect his identity), and his mother, Michelle (also protecting her identity).  Bill’s story is the part about Charter School of Wilmington nobody from the school will admit or own up to: a culture of superiority and class, with very few minorities other than Asians.  The very few minorities that are present at the school are few and far between compared to most Delaware schools.  For Bill, what happened to him could easily be seen as racial or even class profiling, or both.

Charter School of Wilmington has the following profiles for race: 63.7% White, 26.4% Asian, 6% African-American, 3.3% Hispanic/Latino…

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News Journal snubs Red Clay Cooke school ribbon cutting! Rep Hudson cuts in and pushes parent aside for photo opt!

  • Beginning of the future’ for Cooke Elementary by Hockessin Community News

Red it all here ………………

Looks like the editor of the News Journal sees ribbon cutting of new transitional public schools a non-event! However, we can count on the Community News to keep us posted on important community events.

You’ll see in the photo Rep Hudson wearing her Republican Red observing the actual ribbon cutting. The person, a parent who started the “required” petition and requirement to get legislators support ( Hudson was nice enough to accommodate) had to give up her spot in photo so that Rep Hudson can be in it. I talked to that parent and though feeling sad she said, she didn’t need to be in photo because her reward is knowing she did something great for her elementary principal who was there for her in her hour of need as student. Now that is class!  Thanks for your support Debbie but once again like a true politician you stick your flag in something others worked so hard to accomplish. 

Hey bird, the angels are smiling and will reward you!