Delaware legislators would be fools voting for radical changes before seeing the actual plans!

Vision proposed for Wilmington school redistricting Matthew Albright, The News Journal

The group leading a call for change in Wilmington’s schools is urging state lawmakers to start the process now of redrawing the city’s school district lines.

The Wilmington Education Advisory Committee recommends removing the Colonial and Christina school districts from the city and giving their students and schools to the Red Clay Consolidated School District.

In a letter sent to lawmakers Wednesday, committee chair and Bank of America executive Tony Allen urged action before this legislative session ends June 30.

“Now is the time to act,” Allen said. “Over the next six weeks, the 62 members of the General Assembly must act.”

So Bank of America donates an office building to the DuPont Longwood Foundation to use for charter school and to rent space to the Rodel Foundation, Urban League and other team-players and now want to push state legislators into hasty decisions!! Only a blind clueless state legislator would into introduce legislation to accommodate this political BS.

I agree 100% real change is needed but one thing for sure is “the plan” needs to be in order before acted on! Didn’t we learn anything by buying into Race to The Top another plan developed after everyone drank the kool-aid.

Allen laid out a plan for how to go about redistricting. Lawmakers would pass a bill this year that would give the State Board of Education the authority to change district lines.

That authority would last only a few years and would be limited in scale.

The Legislature would also create a Wilmington Education Improvement Commission, for which the first responsibility would be developing a plan for how to make the switch.

OMG !! Giving the state board such power is nothing more than expanded Governor Markell’s powers. I say hell with that! Now is the time to formulate a detail plan with all stakeholders within each district. Our state legislators need to wait until Governor Jack Markell is out of office!

New commission might mean paychecks for those on it! However, if our state legislators want to help address these concerns sure, establish this commission and nothing more. Lets see the plan first before we made radical changes in laws and regulations.

Many local leaders, especially those in Red Clay, said a host of details need to be worked out before redistricting can happen, such as how staff will be switched to districts and who will pay the cost of the transition. The commission would work out those details and recommend a plan to the state board.

I agree! A plan first than legislative action.

The second would adjust the state’s school funding system to give schools with high concentrations of poverty more money. While most agree that high-poverty schools could use the extra help, a tight state budget means it will be hard for the state to find enough money to pay for the increase. 

This should of already happened! It shouldn’t take moving school district boundaries to what is morally right! 

The third would expand the state’s services for special-needs students. The state pays for those services starting in the fourth grade only, which some lawmakers and special-needs advocates say leaves a glaring hole.

Markell rather use the money to expand is his Chinese dual language immersion program! If we don’t have adequate funds to effectively teach English to all children why spend it teaching Chinese where odds are only 1% of the students will grow up and apply in a business environment?

Filling the gap is expected to cost an estimated $11 million, another big-ticket ask of a state with little extra cash to spend.

So now its not for the kids! Amazing!

At the end of the day show us the plan re: realigning school districts before you ask us to buy it or pay for it. 


11 responses to “Delaware legislators would be fools voting for radical changes before seeing the actual plans!

  1. lastDEconservative

    Just one question, Kilroy and denizens:

    NOW do you see Mr. Allen as he exists, not as the ethereal figure he’s been set up as, and frankly, posed as?

    You sound surprised, dear host. Why? Just watch the legislature put their fingers up in the air, and if the breeze is detectable, they’ll do what they always do — harrumph their way through “doing something,” which will be no more than window dressing as the issue is handed off to Marxell (as you properly note). Wait, I left out the step of preening, holding press conferences, printing campaign literature, and general trumpeting to the great unwashed who might otherwise have missed their Wise Action. Two or three years from now, as the failure begins to become visible … lather, rinse, repeat.


  2. It is as if everyone has totally lost their heads…. Give us power; give us power; give us power…. accountability? Nah, who needs it….

    The reason things aren’t working right we are told, is because they don’t have enough power… just give them power…

    Well, we saw how that worked across this administration… isn’t it time, We, the People , take back our power? At least if we talk things amongst ourselves first, …. when we do act, it has already been decided in full public view and enough people are on board for it to work…….

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  3. alsonewarkmom

    I agree that this should be done but not rushed. One thing I was thinking about was what they will do with the Christina high school that will be vacant when all the Wilmington students are no longer bussed. There are about 500 students who will no longer need space in our buildings. We will surely no longer need 3 high schools. Does Christina get left holding the bag for the vacant school? We didn’t come up with the asinine bussing scheme, but will we be left paying rent and utilities on a vacant building? Same with the Wilmington schools…Christina was court ordered NOT to close any of those schools to consolidate students. Will Red Clay have to keep all of them open too??? There seem to be a million questions like these.


    • lastDEconservative

      “We didn’t come up with the asinine bussing scheme, but will we be left paying rent and utilities on a vacant building?”

      This should bring our friend Publius back to the keyboard.

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  4. So “Bank of America donates an office building to the DuPont Longwood Foundation to use for charter school and to rent space to the Rodel Foundation, Urban League and other team-players and now want to push state legislators into hasty decisions!! ”

    Lets be Clear, Bank of America Executive, Tony Allen and the Metropolitan League do DO NOT represent or speak for Marginalized and Disenfranchised Communities of Color. They work for the Governor, Rodell Foundation and the 1%. As Kavips stated, We the People must have Local Control and Local Community people at the table speaking on behalf of your precious children. Change must come from the Bottom Up. Take these Tokens for a few ‘Silver Coins’ out of these hasty decisions.


    • lastDEconservative

      ” … Bank of America Executive, Tony Allen and the Metropolitan League do DO NOT represent or speak for Marginalized and Disenfranchised Communities of Color.”

      MDCC. I like it. MaDCoC. Either.

      My head is spinning. Tony and Co., just as the 237 assemblages before his, were set up SOLELY to represent MDCC. How can they not be, associations with others notwithstanding? Especially since those you name will testify loudly that they are ALL ABOUT speaking for MDCC.

      – s/confused in Peoria


  5. Did you read the article??? Or Allen’s letter???

    “An amendment to Delaware Code that allows the State Board of Education to redraw district lines in accordance with a resource, transition and implementation plan developed by WEIC under a specified and limited timetable and subject to confirmation by the General Assembly and the Governor.” Tony Allen

    “subject to confirmation by the General Assembly and the Governor” With this bill any plan will require collaboration to pass. I just read this article from edutopia about the courage to make schools better and I it linked below and it had a great quote “To go beyond your boundaries — to have a vision and to act on this vision of greater coordination, cooperation, and collaboration — requires courage. Courage requires confronting and overcoming fear of disapproval”

    I am glad that their a plenty of people who have the courage to face this obstructionist culture. The time has long past for us to wait. “This Wait has almost always meant “Never…‘justice too long delayed is justice denied.’” – Martin Luther King


    • Coolspringer

      Thank you, voice of reason!

      The Commission is the deliberative public process, and any decisions it makes will take time, broad collaboration, and approval from other public bodies.

      I’m not seeing the conspiracy, and while I understand where the kneejerk reaction comes from, I think it’s unwarranted.


    • lastDEconservative

      Committees don’t lead, sharing isn’t bold, collaboration is not a driving force. The reason nothing has been accomplished by the 229 committees prior to this one is the same reason this one won’t. No.Driving.Force. And no accountability added to no driving force adds up to, well, a lot of harrumphing and navel gazing and intellectual analysis –as an end in itself–.

      With a CV like this bird Elias, I’m pretty sure he would wither in the face of true leadership.

      “Prof. of Psychology, Director, Rutgers Social-Emotional Learning Lab, Director, the Collaborative Center for Community-Based Research and Service”

      Read what he really says, get past the emotionally soothing words themselves. “Sit down and think hard, then share with a friend. Or a couple. See what they think. Move toward them. Blah, blah, psychobabble blah.” To Elias, caring equals solution. “You care, you’re a hero!” Let’s see, where have we heard this before?

      “Making one’s school better requires honest conversation … ” Really? That’s it? This is the solution you think is going to erase 80 or 100 years of progressive destruction in Williamston? Re-read it. Find the part about REALLY making things better, involving stepping on toes, killing sacred cows, offending legions of the politically correct, forcing the adults into second position, confronting realities about life larger than the local schoolhouse, etc. I’ll wait.

      Maurice Elias, writ large, is the reason for the existing mess. Only watching it worsen further while you now -care out loud- could make you think otherwise.


  6. Betty Murphy

    I don’t get it. First- who is Tony Allen and what makes him the leading expert to determine the fate of the children residing in the tough areas of the city that provide the most challenge. Second- what evidence do we have the Merv and his pals at Red Clay have any track record for improving the achievement outcomes of the most challenging children. Isn’t Warner one of the Priority Schools. Why would we give Merv more struggling schools? Was this Tony or Nicki Castle’s idea? They appear to be talking heads. Line up a focus group of administrators; dean of students; adacemy directors and achievement professionals that have worked in the city for 5 or more years in a school where the average achievement was above 75% poverty and above 50% proficient with some grades 75-90% proficient. Please create a thread with names of people that have walked the walk and talked the talk….