DOE Jenny spanks USDOE Blue Ribbon; Academy of Dover Charter School!

DOE Jenny to the Academy of Dover Charter School

May 7, 2015

In light of the recent developments in the Superior Court action regarding Mosaica Education, Inc.’s writ of garnishment, there appears a real possibility that AOD will have to pay the judgement, severely weakening the school’s financial viability. Unless AOD and Mosaica negotiate a compromise, AOD’s payment of the judgement would likely place the school in sufficient financial distress to necessitate school closure.

The Charter School Office requests that Board members and counsel attend the May 13 CSAC Initial Meeting to address the litigation and the steps AOD has taken to pay this judgement. Additionally, to inform the CSAC discussion, please provide a written charter school closure protocol that complies with the requirements set forth in 14 Del. C. § 514(i) (see attached Charter School Closure Protocol) by Monday, May 11, 2015 at noon.

In addition, this week, the Department learned that there was an incident at AOD involving a teacher who committed an act of violence against a student. Please be prepared to provide additional information regarding the incident and the actions taken by the administration and the Board to address the issue. 

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8 responses to “DOE Jenny spanks USDOE Blue Ribbon; Academy of Dover Charter School!

  1. Yeah, I heard about that incident as well. I was too disgusted to publish it. Now that the DOE has made this letter public, everyone knows. Good. Let them fester in their own filth. What a disgusting school. The fact that a teacher does that and nothing hits the media? I’m sorry, but if a teacher hit my kid, it would be all over every news channel in a 50 mile radius. This should not be swept under the rug. Close this place!


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  3. Again,, how many times do we have to beat the drum… When you take away all accountability which is the purpose of a charter school… (here is lots of money, do whatever you want) you always have problems like this….

    We need fewer charters . not more… If we can’t close down charters, then at least only fund them on line items in the state budget… That way, the legislature can cut funding whenever the DOE is too politically connected with Charters to ever step in and play the adult….

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    • lastDEconservative

      For visitors and newbies unfamiliar with the cast of characters found here at Kilroy’s kitchen table, or new to the Republic, or curious about charters v. traditional schools, just know that this is not true, not by any stretch:

      “When you take away all accountability which is the purpose of a charter school… (here is lots of money, do whatever you want) … ”

      … and any commentary offered by the writer prior to or subsequent to the falsehood must be considered in that light.

      PS: If you are by chance new to the Republic, doing research, check the waiting lists at the charters. For the charters that are struggling, consider the role of the capital S State that put them in business. Stop at a charter and ask to see the volumes, reams, binders full of rules, regulations, limitations, reporting requirements and such issued to them by the benevolent State, and decide for yourself the degree of “freedom” YOU would say they have. Oh yeah, one last thing, get the name of the DOE rep assigned to and in attendance of all their meetings.


  4. “When you take away all accountability which is the purpose of a charter school… (here is lots of money, do whatever you want) you always have problems like this….”

    K, you really are “amazing” in your unique misperception of things. Our TPS’s, DOE and our Goobernator all have mechanisms that are “supposed to” make them accountable and yet instead of that, we repeatedly ARE presented with the mother of mud runs trying to get our TPS’s, DOE, or the Goobernator to address; the needs of the majority of students, misplaced priorities, inappropriate tests, appropriate child behavior, and reasonable financial management (i.e.: prevailing wage graft to unions). Instead they are mired in deflection, bureaucracy, and red tape that only serves to maintain their lack of accountability on appropriate level education and appropriate financial prudence.

    No doubt Charters have muddied the water further, but only because sometimes you have to get dirty with the “ones” spreading the dirt. Keep slinging mud to see what sticks, it only furthers the resolve of those who understand the fallacy of “accountability”.


    • lastDEconservative

      I may struggle to type this complimentary blurb, but CRI has a video blog out a few days ago in which the estimable Mr. Russo reminds the 41 viewers (ouch) of the long lost and long forgotten original intent and intention of the charter legislation now in its 20th year … which is quite good (aack) in that it is accurate in its depiction if not long on details. On the other hand, the Cliff Notes version is easy to follow; most Kilroy denizens should be able to follow it. Many will scream over it, and protest the truth, but they won’t be able to change it.

      The Cliff Notes version of the Cliff Notes blog: Charters were to be pilot plants whose results would redirect the activity of the entire process. [read the legislation] Due to dead and otherwise no longer serving politicians and champions, including the unnamed corporate sponsors also dead or otherwise departed, the whole program is (has been for a long time) on its head. Charters (writ large) were to direct DoE, of course we know that now DoE directs charters, after hamstringing them, of course. Take note: the bureaucracy thwarted the program, and over time, reshaped it 180 degrees out of phase to its own benefit and will. [read DoE’s 1995 regs]. At the end of the world, the roaches will be accompanied by bureaucracies.

      PS to my favorite symptomaniac: The next next big thing is mentioned outright in the video. Sadly, Russo, and by extension, the lot at CRI is apparently all in for it — which shows the degree to which both right (so-called) and left are willing enablers of the destroyers. But that’s another post. And you will love the “BUT” in the middle of Russo’s sentence that first supports the opt out movement “but” then … doesn’t. Someone wise once said the best sign of a liberal, a progressive, usually in disguise, was the presence of a “but” in the middle of virtually every declaratory statement. I report, you decide.


    • M Ryder got one thing right. I am amazing.

      Now for what they got wrong and LDC brings it up with his independent left hook into the jaw of M Ryder, probably without realizing it….

      Charters were created as laboratories of experimentation. One of the things twenty-five years ago put forth in their raison d’etre was that public schools could not experiment due to all the things M. Ryder specifies above… Most unions…(did anyone else notice? Boy… How they all mysteriously “hate” unions?)

      My point is after experimenting 25 years..and having nothing to show for it, isn’t it time to change policy?

      Twenty five years ago…. was only two years since Ronald Reagan left office… The Soviet Union was still in existence. Atomic bombs could drop on our head any minute…. Since that epoch, we have experimented through the presidencies of Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and now Obama… That is a lot of water under the bridge… And after twenty five years, what do we have? Multiple failures every single day… ( laboratory for new ideas?….)

      Now if you had a child of twenty five years of age that compiled the number of offenses now coming to light in charters almost minute by minute, you would say: put them away for life…..

      It is time to put charters away for life… Even after 25 years…. only 17 % are better than the public schools their students would have gone to had the charters not been available…..37% are much, much, much worse.

      So, whine, moan, castigate…. just like those moms whose child beats up innocents, bullies, cusses, disrupts, doesn’t comply in school, is always in trouble… Those whose job it is to promote charters for the accumulative wealth of others, expect them to say: ” Oh, no, not my child. My child is an angel, He’d never do anything like that….. ”

      Yeah, right. Time for charters to go… Twenty-five years is long enough, and public schools are so much better, they actually DESERVE the funding now siphoned off for a 25 year old failed experiment…..


    • lastDEconservative

      You know what, M did get it partially wrong. You are amazing in your MISREPRESENTATION of things. Well, that and your willful ability to avoid even brushing against the truth of a matter. Your Alinsky-ish dedication? Now THAT is amazing.

      Whether the intended experiment would have failed, we’ll never know, not here in the Republic. It may well have, absent an honest broker to ensure it had a chance to play out (see dead guys, DE charter experiment). Or it may have.

      What we do know is that the twisted system the educracy created in the stead of the experiment has prevented any semblance of challenge to the status quo, and continued dragging down -all- forms of govt schooling (not education). Wanna argue which branch of the withered tree is closer to falling off? Sure, let’s. Want to say the educrats are doing/have done a good job? Thanks, no, I’ve got some paint drying I should keep an eye on.