Daily Archives: May 9, 2015

Looks like we need a parent opt-out for Red Clay’s Nonsense Word Reading Assessment!

Mr. Matthews needs to stop worry about perfecting his carrot cake recipe and put and end to having strangers coming in schools and pluck students out of class to complete a nonsense word reading assessment for the sole purpose of evaluating the the student’s teacher .

I have a parent reaching out to me and telling me her child’s teacher informed her that her child will be pulled out of class and be given a “nonsense word reading assessment” that will be administered by a stranger to her child. The parent is telling me that the teacher herself can’t give the test because it will be conflict of interest! I was like how? Because the results will be part of the teacher’s evaluation.

Folks this Common Core Standards is becoming toxic! I am not sure how accurate the parent’s information is but if true, I think enough is enough and time to put an end to common core standards in Delaware is now not when we get a new governor.

Hey Mr. Matthews! Please sort out fact and fiction here. I am only going by what a parent told me.