Delaware House of Representatives approved Opt-out re: Smarter Balanced Assessment

Parent Opt Out Legislation House Bill 50 Passes Delaware House of Representatives

36 Yes, 3 No, 2 Absent!  Next stop, Delaware Senate!  The vast majority of the Delaware House of Representatives voted yes for the parent opt-out bill, House Bill 50.  They nay votes were State Reps. Earl Jaques, Michael Barbieri, and Timothy Dukes.  Absent were Stephanie Bolden and Jack Peterman.  

From my  view, key players that changed the tide were State Representative John Kowalko, blogger Kevin Ohlandt ( Exceptionable Delaware) and Delaware State PTA President Terri Hodges. But certainly all those who rallied around this cause!

Shout out to State PTA President Terri Hodges, your stance of opting-out your child made it loud and clear! Delaware PTA hears the call of parents, teachers and the community and the fight for local control is on!  

 And OMG !! Rep Hudson!!!!!!!!!!!!! A yes vote!!!!!!!! I’ve restored two Kilroy’s Gold Stars for Debbie two gold starsThree more to go Debbie ! 


3 responses to “Delaware House of Representatives approved Opt-out re: Smarter Balanced Assessment

  1. john kowalko

    Gee Flubius and LastDecontortionist,and PM,
    No witty or pithy comments. Not even a disparaging remark or name-calling. Must be a sign of the times when the anonymous and cowardly flamethrowers are silent. Unless of course if you three have decided to respect the rights and opinions of all parents and children in Delaware. Nah! Lucifer would be wearing a parka if that were the case. You must have left your writing utensils on the back seat of the “clown” car after you exited


  2. Maybe Publius got fired from commenting on here since, at least for me, it made me want to opt my kid out more when I read his comments! Nah, he’s probably coming out of the shellshock from the House vote. He’ll be back. He always comes back…


  3. lastDEconservative

    Interesting isn’t it. Two commenters, grasshopper and his mentor, the white haired granter, no creator, of human rights, and his stalwart liege.

    My comments are on here, Joko. Disparaging ain’t the half of it — as you see it, that is. I’m sure you’ve read them, or, as befitting a deity, had them read to you.