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Is Publius a ghostwriter for the News Journal ? Supports education czar Governor Markell

Don’t tie the next governor’s hands Our View / News Journal

A General Assembly proposal to tie the hands of the next governor is a mistake. Several legislators have introduced a bill that would require the next Delaware secretary of education to have taught a specific number of years in a classroom. The legislation would interfere with the next governor’s ability to pick his or her own cabinet members.

As such, it is a legislative overreach. The bill intrudes on the power of the executive branch.

I wonder if the News Journal would support allowing veterinarians to treat humans? Delaware Secretary of Education Murphy lacks natural leadership and relies on the Rodel / Vision education playbook stuffed in Jack Markell’s pocket with 10’s of thousands of campaign dollars. 

Cabinet positions are political positions. The governor is responsible for selecting the secretary. The governor then is responsible for the success or failure of that secretary. That is the way it should be in a cabinet system.

Well one thing for sure, that statement makes it clear. Even mainstream news organization can make an ass out of themselves like Kilroy.

Serving our children’s public education needs shouldn’t be part of a self-serving ego-stroking agenda like Jack Markell’s.    

Each governor should have a free hand to select the leaders of the executive departments. The governor is one of a handful of statewide elected officials. He or she is picked by the voters to run the executive department.

WTF don’t tell me the editorial is written by Jack Markell himself! Spock beam me up ! 

The bill is obviously aimed at Gov. Markell and his secretary of education, Mark Murphy. It is clear that several legislators and their allies in the teachers’ union and among school administrators are angry at the Markell administration’s push for standardized testing, teacher accountability and other programs related to the federal Race To The Top movement.

Yea and the fucking people aren’t part of the equation. And yep , News Journal has it correct! All is related to Race to The Top movement!  

If the Legislature is serious about fixing that problem, it should work toward clearing up the confusion. The lines of authority should be clear. The command structure should be flattened. Deviation from the organization’s goal should not be tolerated.

Hyman Rickover! Is that you?