Colonial Board seat “District D” will remain vacant! No one file to run for this seat

Colonial School District

Nominating District “B” – Term expires June 30, 2020

Nominating District “D” – Term expires June 30, 2020

I am not sure if the Colonial board appointed someone to serve in seat D. However if they did that person must step-down. The district webpage does not notate with seat each board member is serving on so I don’t know if the seat is vacant or someone has been appointed.

Hey big John Young tells how this will play out! If no one ran for the seat can the board appoint someone for a 5 year term? Can the state board step in and appoint someone?


One response to “Colonial Board seat “District D” will remain vacant! No one file to run for this seat

  1. Joanne Christian

    Kilroy, the seat remains empty until the next board election. If someone is currently occupying the seat via appointment, the term is over June 30th 2015. The vacancy is then subject to another 1 year appointment made by the board until School Board election 2016. The appointment is the board’s decision–some outright appoint, some ask for resumes/applications etc..If the vacancy happened later in the year, after late February, the Board is to function without an appointment. Any vacancy after July 1, they are to appoint. A person is not appointed for a term or a remainder of a term. They are appointed for the remainder of the isolated year only. That is why you may see some board seats for ELECTION may only be for 2 years. That seat goes back to polls for election. Seats are then specifically run for. It would not be winner 1 and 2 gets the regular term and the remainder of the term. The seat is won for the specific seat. Bob ran for the full term and won. Joe ran for the vacated, remaining 2,3,4, year seat and won. Hope that makes sense.

    PS My initial venture on the school board was by appointment one August. I replaced Rob Gilsdorf who was asked to be on the State Board. I was 8 1/2 months pregnant when I was sworn in and the rest is history. Loved every exhausting minute.