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Did Delaware College Prep ( a Red Clay School) refer to Special Ed parents lawsuits as frivolous?

Executive Director reported updates on Advance Transportation legal matter and the supporting evidence/documentation provided to our attorney’s. Other legal matters regarding DCPA’s building were also underway – DCPA has spent upwards of 800K on continuous repairs to a building that sits over a water spring. The water spring rises when it rains but sup pumps assist with preventing water damage to the building. New Boiler was replaced last month. However, if DCPA (building) or if the local area loses power during a storm – there is significant risk that the water may cause damage if the mechanics of the sup pumps fail for any reason. Other lawsuits were being resolved and fortunately DCPA’s procedures with handling and Special Ed’s procedures were well documented and executed which hopefully will continue to discourage “ambulance chaser” firms from seeking or conducting frivolous lawsuits. ED commented that overall DE appears to be a target. President commented that recent Board Due Process training held 2/24/15) touched on this subject quite a bit and there was healthy discussion/training on how to prepare and measures required to ensure compliance for handling Special Education cases and students that may require additional services

Hello Red Clay School Board ! I think it is time for a new admin to oversee Red Clay charter schools! These remarks by DCPA are very unprofessional. Hey Special Ed parents you need to document everything.   

Looks like DE DOE is going to look the other way when computers at Reach and Moyer goes Elvis

Will DE DOE take possession of all computers at Reach and Moyer to ensure no student and staff personal data ends up in private hands?

Reach is kicking around some sort of garage sale with proceeds going to teachers and some items going to other schools. “There was discussion about particular plans and obligations associated with liquidating items in the building. Some items could be sold with the proceeds going to teachers; other items could be given away to schools.” 

Odds are the ant-brains down at DE DOE haven’t a clue things are already starting to walk away! 

Colonial Board seat “District D” will remain vacant! No one file to run for this seat

Colonial School District

Nominating District “B” – Term expires June 30, 2020

Nominating District “D” – Term expires June 30, 2020

I am not sure if the Colonial board appointed someone to serve in seat D. However if they did that person must step-down. The district webpage does not notate with seat each board member is serving on so I don’t know if the seat is vacant or someone has been appointed.

Hey big John Young tells how this will play out! If no one ran for the seat can the board appoint someone for a 5 year term? Can the state board step in and appoint someone?

Did you know teaching cursive writing in Delaware is not required by law

148th General Assembly

House Bill 52

Under current educational standards, cursive writing is no longer required to be taught to our students, and many schools have abandoned teaching it to their students. As cursive writing is still an imperative skill in many professions, this bill will make the teaching of cursive writing a requirement for all public schools in Delaware.

Primary Sponsor(s): Hudson Additional Sponsor(s):    Sen. Peterson