Delaware Department of Education LIES to News Journal re: “law requires students to take the test” NOT TRUE!

Parent opt-out bill up for debate this afternoon Matthew Albright, The News Journal

A smattering of parents across Delaware have already pulled their kids from the Smarter Balanced Assessment, the tough new test students are taking for the first time this year. They have done so even though the Department of Education has said state law requires students to take the test, except in rare cases.

There is no state law specifically requires student to take the test! “Title 14, Chapter 1, Subchapter II, § 151 State assessment system; rules and regulations (b)The Department shall administer both accountability and growth assessments of student achievement for students in grades 3 through 8, provided that additional grades may be added by the Department”. The only directs the department of education to administer the test. 


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