Appoquinimink Board to vote on recording board meetings tonight !

UPDATE 10:00 p.m.! Appo board approves action item to digitally record public sessions of board meetings and post on the district’s webpage for all to hear. This Appo board action completes New Castle County whereas all “traditional” school district record their board meeting and post links to recordings online.  

There is no reason for our state legislator to not pass pending H.B.#61. 

Agenda Item Details


Apr 21, 2015 – Regular Board of Education Meeting 7:00 p.m.


New Business


Approval of Adding Board Recordings to Website


5 responses to “Appoquinimink Board to vote on recording board meetings tonight !

  1. Joanne Christian



    • kilroysdelaware

      Thank you for your support for the last 6 years of my push to get all districts and charter schools to record their board meeting. And the big win in getting the state board to record their meetings. If it take another 6 years to get the job done statewide so be it!


  2. Joanne Christian

    Actually, Kelly Wright did the follow thru, and had it brought forward. It’s MUCH easier now than even 3 years ago with the advances and efficiencies in technology. She kept her word! 🙂


    • kilroysdelaware

      Yep Kelly help move the ball and the advances isn’t so much the technology but rather one by one district schools boards came aboard re: recordings. New Castle County is complete re: “traditional” school district boards recording board meeting. I’ve reached out to NCC Votech to join the movement. Though no a big deal to Publius however, it is another step towards laying the foundation for regaining local control and pushing back Dover and the Feds.