Reelect Martin A Wilson Sr to Red Clay School Board

Well folks it down to one Red Clay board seat race Alfred Lance JR taking on Martin A Wilson Sr.

Martin Wilson was elected May 11, 1999 and in deed last of the old guard. He hasn’t always voted on my side of the issues but has “always” been available to hear me out either in person, by phone or E-mail. But one thing Martin has been doing is working hard to guide the Red Clay Dropout Prevention Committee. He supported my call for the Community Financial Review Committee and he supported my call for recording school board meetings. But it’s his work on the Dropout Prevention Committee must continue to maintain the positive trend towards lowering the number of student dropping out of high school. Being on the school board 15 years does leave room for disagreements with Martin but he never backed away from being questioned on his positions. As for Martin’s opponent Mr. Lance, I don’t know much about him but he runs with this crowd and it concerns me. But this is nice and this,  Mr. Lance’s website   Martin is old school and some am I. One does not need a laundry list of credentials to be a leader. Martin has been there through thick and thin! Martin Wilson is approachable and well grounded. There are many students who benefited from Martin’s work on high school dropout out prevention and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about it! Keeping kids in school and helping them find the strength to tough it out! Losing Martin will be a major loss for Red Clay students and parents. There are kids in school today and in college today whereas otherwise without Martin’s dedication to keeping kids in school they may be dead or in jail.  

Please come out on May 12 and help protect the gains Red Clay has made in reducing the high school dropout rate which will take a yes for Martin A Wilson Sr.  


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