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DOE Considering Replacing SAT With Smarter Balanced Assessment, Markell’s “Assessment Reduction” Plan Has Been In The Works For 6 Months, & School Turnaround News

Exceptional Delaware

Chief Accountability and Performance Officer Penny Schwinn, at the Delaware Department of Education, gave a presentation on the Smarter Balanced Assessment to the State Board of Education today.  Schwinn indicated the Smarter Balanced Assessment may potentially be considered to replace the SAT in 11th grade for Delaware students.  She claimed that other states are doing this already.

The main part of the presentation was the five-year Smarter Balanced Assessment plan.  Schwinn and Dr. Carolyn Lazar, another associate at the Delaware DOE, talked about the recent “assessment reduction” initiative that had some rather revealing and shocking acknowledgments.  The DOE has spent the past six months reviewing state assessments and found there is a lot of replication across the state.  Their goals in this review have been to make sure assessments align to the state standards, yield valuable reports on student progress, adhere to best practices statewide, and align with the system…

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Did Delaware’s largest school district school board tell Governor Markell to kiss butt re: parent test opt-out?

Red Clay eNews March 20, 2015

Opt-Out Resolution Approved by Board

By a vote of 6 to 0, the Red Clay Board of Education approved a resolution at its April meeting supporting the right of a parent to “opt-out” their child from state standardized testing, with no repercussions.  Board member Cathy Thompson was unable to attend the meeting. 

Last month, board member Adriana Bohm announced that she would introduce such a resolution. The full text  of the resolution can be found  Here