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Delaware PTA’s Response to Press Release on SBAC and DE Higher Ed Institutions 

In a statement made today by Governor Markell, Delaware PTA learned that the four colleges; Wilmington University, University of Delaware, Delaware Technical and Community College and Delaware State University have all agreed that the outcomes of the 11th grade Smarter Balanced Assessments is a good indicator of college readiness. In addition, these institutions have all agreed to accept the assessment in lieu of other placement exams.

At a time when there is so much turbulence in our public education system, we are disheartened to learn that the conversations that proceeded this major conclusion did not include input from any of our major stakeholders. The Delaware Department of Education and the Governor’s office have publicly committed to greater transparency and collaboration with the broader community, yet Delaware PTA, the Delaware State Education Association, state legislators and other community stakeholders were not only excluded from these conversations, but we only learned of this decision a few hours prior to the public announcement.

We believe the lack of a collaborative process has resulted in misguided decisions regarding the efficacy of the Smarter Balanced Assessments, further misleading parents and students.

While Delaware PTA supports the use of assessments with a growth model that will effectively and adequately measure student growth and college and career readiness, we stand by our previous statements, citing the following concerns with the Smarter Balanced Assessments:

1. In its current form, the SBAC does not provide a true growth model;

2. In its current form, the SBAC is overly subjective and not an accurate assessment of student knowledge, skills and abilities;

3. Our educators have not had sufficient time to teach and our students have not had sufficient time to learn;

4. In its current form, the SBAC does not provide parents or teachers with the individual diagnostic data necessary to work together to support student success.

Although we believe that this most recent development is a knee jerk reaction to HB 50 on the Parent Opt Out, Delaware PTA remains fully committed to engaging in collaborative and transparent discussions on developing a state assessment that provides meaningful data for parents, students and teachers.

Decisions made in a vacuum often lead to outcomes that are misaligned and unsuccessful. Delaware parents, students and teachers deserve better.

 Dr. Terri L Hodges, State President 

Yvonne Johnson, VP of Advocacy


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  1. lastDEconservative

    Blah, blah, blah. Wait. Bleat, bleat, bleat.

    But hey, how ’bout them prison sentences in Atlanta, huh?
    I guess that doesn’t fit the Kilroy narrative … this time it was the educato-, er, teachers, doing the dirty, not the governor or the Georgia Murphy.

    PS: There’s my second favorite word again, educator. Should the group not be the PEA? Or, since they whine that the union was also excluded (at least the powers got THAT one right), maybe it should be the PUTA.


    • Say something.


    • Publius e decere

      Had to laugh LDC, the sheeple missed your references once again. Maybe next time you should present comprehension choices in multiple-choice format.

      Yes, the Atlanta situation was pathetic. I wonder if a FOIA request would uncover an extraordinary purchase order placed with the Pink Pearl Eraser Company shortly before the storm? We could call the investigation the Correct-O-Tape Capers. In a twist on that old yarn: “Those who can, ‘do’ — those who can’t, ‘erase'”


  2. john kowalko

    Please note and alert all potential participants that the House Education Committee will convene at approximately 3:30 on Wed. not 2:30 as previously reported. This should give extra time for those parents, children and teachers to get away from their work day a tad latter and be there. Urgent that you are all there and all (with your friends and neighbors) contact every legislator who sits on the Ed. Committee and tell them to release HB 50 for floor consideration.

    Respectfully yours,

    Rep. John Kowalko

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  4. Where is he getting his signals from?…. Outer space? Anyone else seen flying saucers over Dover? Kevin… go look out your window and report back to us.


  5. Where is Markell getting his signals from?…. Outer space? Anyone else seen flying saucers over Dover? Kevin… go look out your window and report back to us.


  6. Shame on you, my University of Delaware, for bending the knee to Emperor Jack!

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  7. Publius e decere

    It looks like all of those higher-ed institutions decided to accept the SBA score as evidence of college-readiness and that the Governor was merely endorsing their decisions. The provosts’ comments focus on mastery of the standards. And with dry irony, a mastery-score on the SBA allows the student to — oh yes — OPT OUT of the higher-ed placement tests based on that student’s manifest mastery of the ttested topics. I think it is a sensible position to take.