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Red Clay experiences “intermittent network issues” Re: Smarter Balanced Assessment

Yep that’s the word!  “intermittent network issues” . Keep an eye on Red Clay’s $$$$$$$$$$ expenditures on technology that back-fills the federal intervention called “The Smarter Balanced Assessment” with local taxpayers money.

Conrad Alumni should close the door on relationship with Red Clay if board votes to change school mascot

Conrad alumni to school board: Keep Redskins mascot Matthew Albright, The News Journal

A group of alumni and supporters of Conrad High School urged the Red Clay school board on Wednesday not to retire the school’s mascot, the Redskin, saying it was a proud, decades-old tradition that honored the spirit of Native Americans.

Never in the history of Conrad has there ever been intent to demean the name of Native Americans. 

As Conrad Alumni Association President Jeff Nichols took the podium to address the board, dozens of members of the audience – most clad in red; some wearing old, worn letterman jackets with the mascot’s visage – stood in a show of support. They remained standing as eight speakers addressed the board.

Nichols took issue with the fact that some who want to change the mascot quote Webster’s dictionary, which says the term “Redskin” is “usually offensive.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, Conrad is not a usual school,” he said. “What Webster’s is missing is a definition of Conrad Redskin, a noun: a student, past, present and future of Conrad who emulates the positive traits of pride, spirit and honor.”

Spot on! Well said! 

A group called the “Retire the Mascot Committee” has been gathering petition signatures to change the mascot and hopes to make a proposal for a replacement mascot to the district in the summer.

The group’s efforts come as other schools and athletic organizations, most notably the NFL’s Washington Redskins, have faced criticism for using the mascot.

School officials have said they have heard concerns from parents and others about the mascot. Some teams and other school organizations have quietly left the word “redskin” off of their gear.

And who might these ” Retire the Mascot Committee” be? 

Several speakers said removing the mascot would disrupt a proud alumni tradition that has led to thousand-dollar donations and many hours of volunteering. A few blasted the district administration, saying it was trying to make the change without asking the school community shortly after Red Clay voters approved a referendum to raise property taxes to fund district operations.”This superintendent does not communicate with this community unless they need money,” said Susan Strawbridge. “How dare this superintendent keep the mascot issue under the radar until after the referendum.”

Folks all district superintendents serve at the pleasure of their boards! Red Clay’s board has the final vote! 

Shout-out to Ron Houston’s best bud! Good luck and thank you for being real !

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Red Clay school board poised to approve resolution on expanding Red Clay’s district boundaries

Readers Report that Computers Crashed in Minnesota, Tennessee, and Nevada Disrupting Testing

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Nothing to add to the headline. Send me links if you find them.

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Delaware Governor Markell approves a two-tiered high school diploma punitive to at-risk students

Test scores could help kids get out of remedial classes Matthew Albright, The News Journal

High school juniors who do well on the state’s tough new standardized test will not have to take remedial classes if they attend a Delaware college or four-year university, state leaders announced Tuesday.

Gov. Jack Markell said the arrangement, which applies to the University of Delaware, Delaware State University, Wilmington University and Delaware Technical Community College, will hopefully allow more students to avoid paying for classes that don’t count toward their degree.

So now Delaware universities and colleges have a better gauge to cherry-pick college bound students. While I agree we need to better prepare college bound students but using The Smarter Balanced Assessment as the sole means to determine whether or not a college freshman needs remedial classes is just a political Markell shell game.

Markell brags about Delaware historical low highs school dropout rate and improved graduation rate but fails to address needs-base funding for early education and refuses to believe smaller classes do improve academic success. The crisis in education in rooted in poorly structured  K-5 education. Raising academic success from the bottom up will set the stage for better academic performance at the high school level which will translate into better prepared college bound students.

Governor Jack Markell is slicker than a pile of dog poop! His tactful media blitz is all about undermining state legislators who support parents rights to opt-out their children re: state standardized tests. He set the stage for universities and college to cherry pick students using the state assessment. No doubt students who are still at-risk going into college will be impacted. They’ll see more rejection letters! Also, it’s kind of sad to see students at the 11th grade level being stressed out taking the state assessment know now colleges and university are watching. One thing for sure, Governor Markell has taken an “assessment” test and transformed into a component of college acceptance.  I wonder what backdoor $$$ deal he made with state funded higher-ed?