Daily Archives: April 11, 2015

Reach and Moyer Charter schools set to close at the end of this school year! What are your feelings on this issue?

So what do you think? Was DE DOE’s / State Board of Education’s decision right in calling for the closure of Reach and Moyer charter schools?

To me, it really sucks that adults have failed these children. Perhaps there needs to be a state framework on qualifications on who can serve on charter school boards.

Then there is the Delaware Department of Education charter school unit! New leadership was installed and we mark success with closures of charter schools? 

Then there is charter school financial fiasco! Delaware law “requires” DE DOE assigned an employee to the all charter school Citizen Budget Oversight Committee as “participating members” not observers. How in the F#c*k can charter schools be using bank credit cards where expenditure aren’t filter through the state accounting system like state issue P-cards with DE DOE being on the CBOC? The forward process of the charter school revolution has stalled because DE DOE employees lack the skill-sets and capacity to understand, DE DOE was meant to provide technical assistance. DE DOE has become an extension of Governor Markell and an out of control Frankenstein. 

2106 election will be bearing down on us soon and you’ll see the DE DOE cockroaches start to scramble. The Markell school reform house of cards will fall and it will take 4-5 years to rebuild DE DOE back to a respectable trustworthy organization. However, meantime children are being victimized and parents being hoodwinked