Is Moyer telling DE DOE give us money now or we’ll close by the end of April

Maurice J. Moyer Academic Institute (MJMAI) Board of Directors’ Meeting Student Cafeteria Main Building Tuesday February 24, 2015 6:06 PM – 7:10 PM

2. Chairman’s Remarks

a. Meeting scheduled immediately after board meeting with K12 for 8:00pm

b. Chairman stated that options have expired – not enough funds to cover summer pay

c. School is still running strong i. Last year vs this year – less incidents d. Board position – money was found for Pencader, why not Moyer?

e. Funds at beginning of school at $800,000 surplus – Not mismanaged, projected to have a certain number of students, this did not happen, due to negative articles and “Formal Review”

f. Last year, board saw the school was in trouble, put a team together and produced greatness, would not be here at this level of success with our students, if the board had not gotten involved

g. Board/Moyer now has three options:

i. DOE/K12 give Moyer additional funding, as they gave to Pencader

ii. Deeper Cuts – students get nothing but to come to school and double up on staff duties

iii. Close the whole school within the next month


3 responses to “Is Moyer telling DE DOE give us money now or we’ll close by the end of April

  1. Not adjusting your budget and spending to actual enrollment IS mismanagement – WTH is wrong with these people??! Everything is someone else’s fault.


    • Publius e decere

      So the school should tell the employees and vendors: “here is all the money we have left, so here is all you will get”? I just want to be sure I understand your proposal.

      Because if that “is” your prorposal, then it will apply in CSD when their next referendm fails. The employees will have to take a pay cut and the vendors will have to take a hari cut. I just want you to back the logical conclusion of your blog commnet.

      Or, of course, — (in the traiditon of Kilroy) offer an alternative at this Kitchen Table.



  2. Moyer is overstaffed for the amount of students that they have most of the employees belong to a certain church. ..maybe if you restructure to do whats best for the students you can find the money you need to stay open until June stop blaming others and take responsibility. I agree with J ok you were supposed to have a certain number of students….you didnt get them… but you keep your budget the same and say hey thats not my fault you shouldnt have put us under formal review..we will just pretend we have the students…hire 20 more people and yell foul play when we go broke…how does this make sense?