Delaware State Rep Debbie Hudson’s lack of political courage contributed to Moyer Charter’s closure

Maurice J. Moyer Academic Institute (MJMAI) Board of Directors’ Meeting Student Cafeteria Main Building Tuesday February 24, 2015 6:06 PM – 7:10 PM


Staff member stated they are disappointed with the solutions that have been presented, shared views on how they feel Moyer is helping its scholars.

Staff member questioned whether another district could step in – it was shared that this is not an option

Staff member expressed concern and being disheartened because of what may happen to the students

Board member shared that it is indeed disheartening for the board as well – feels it’s unfair to make strides and then be held back by a management company that has been a hindrance.

The failures at Moyer charter schools could have been prevented with greater transparency. Delaware State Representative Debbie Hudson introduced legislation two years ago that would have required Moyer and all other schools in Delaware to record public sessions of the board meeting and provide access to those record online. However, Rep Hudson killed her own legislation. H.B. 23 successfully mustard the House Education Committee and the House Appropriation Committee. Hudson pulled the plug ending H.B # 23’s path forward. Many rumors were floating around and one being “we need to keep the lid on contracts” during the time they were hired by DE DOE to run Moyer and mangment contract after Moyer’s formed a new charter group. Also,’s involvement in the New Moyer charter school’s purchase of the building. Then was the Delaware Speaker of the House involvement with backdoor bitch-slapping! Wagon-master Pete had to keep the wagons in a circle protecting Jack. 

Folks at the end of the day, with the lack of capacity on DE DOE’s part, Moyer’s lack of transparency of not posting contracts and bids online and refusing to enhance transparency compounded by Rep Debbie Hudson’s backing out on H.B. #23 which now looking back might have to do with protecting Jack Markell’s relationship with old McKinsey and Chicago Booth K12.Inc bud whereas contracts are out of sight out of mind. 

Here we have another charter school failing and crying foul for leadership that refused to be more transparent and we won’t get into the AMX card! Right Debbie, AMX card and you know about it! Moyer is sowing the seeds to play the Pencader card we’ll close if we don’t get more money to pay-off our corporate debt. Hey Jenny, I hear Fawn Hall is working part-time at Moyer and word has it don’t worry about Matt Denn. I just wish Lois and Clark were still on the job!             


3 responses to “Delaware State Rep Debbie Hudson’s lack of political courage contributed to Moyer Charter’s closure

  1. Publius e decere

    Leave it to Kilroy to blame every fault of the world on “HB-23”. Personally, I blame the compromise between John Kerry and Iranina negotiators on HB-23.

    What were you expecting HB-23 to solve? For board members to say out loud “You know what, people? We are completely wasting the public’s money and we plan to continue doing so despite prudence and duty and ethics. But “damn” we have these danged recordings so I have to say this into the mic and I hope that my nemesis — MR Kilroy E. Newman — isn’t going to listen to this recording.”

    Kilroy — recoding are not going to solve problems. Ethical people are. Elect them, appoin them, back them, and give them reasonable latitude to disagree with you without being disagreeable.

    HB-23 is bunk. It is also history. 🙂 🙂



    • kilroysdelaware

      Don’t get me start on Kerry and Iran. Keep an eye on Netanyahu! Me thinks Operation Opera 2.0 is about to take stage!

      It seems to me there are time you comment on what others say on those Red Clay recordings. And your drinking buddy seems to enough playing Cesar on the mic!


  2. Actually, HB 23 helps keep unethical people ethical… Kilroy is right; Publius is wrong, as always, very wrong.