New Journal bias to Markell trumps the voice of parents re: testing opt-out

Parent group protests standardized testing  Matthew Albright, The News Journal

About 20 parents protested in front of Legislative Hall in Dover on Wednesday afternoon about how the state is using standardized tests.

Not to mention key legislators, teachers and even school board members 

“We need to stop fooling ourselves that standardized testing is the answer the educational problems we face,” said Kevin Ohlandt, a Dover parent who has tried to organize parents to opt-out.

The group represented a small but vocal number of parents who have told their districts that their students will not take the state standardized test.

“who tried to organize parents to opt-out” He did a pretty good job to the point there is legislation on the table to support parents rights. Also, what about the national opt-out movement! What about Markell reactions whereas he wants to reduce testing all but his prized Smarter Balanced Assessment tied to Wall Street profiteers! No mention Kevin is an organized respected Delaware blogger called Exceptional Delaware.  

They worry that students are spending too much time preparing for and taking tests when they should be learning, that the tests place too much stress on kids, and that teachers and schools are being unfairly judged based only on test scores.

Because of those concerns, they have decided to “opt their kids out.”

They worry about THEIR children. They worry about teaching to the test! 

State officials have tried to discourage parents from doing so, saying state law requires kids to take the test and doesn’t provide a way to exempt them except for rare cases. They say test scores provide invaluable information to help improve schools.

But some parents, backed by the state Parent Teacher Association and the Delaware State Education Association union, say they have a right to pull their kids from the tests if they choose.

DE DOE tries to tell parent the law says parents “must” ensure their child takes the test. The News Journal can’t cite any law saying parents can’t opt-out and are specifically required by law to make sure their child is test.

 Back to the Kevin has tried  to organize parents! Well lookie here! The calvery (PTA) has joined the fight after Kevin sounded the alarm.

Rep. John Kowalko, a frequent and vocal critic of Gov. Jack Markell and the Department of Education, agrees parents already have that right, but has sponsored legislation that would explicitly allow opting out.

And the News Journal is a vocal supporter of Jack Markell and skews information!

“How many of you think parents have a sacrosanct right to protect themselves from government intrusion?” Kowalko asked the parents. “We have the government intruding in public education to the disdain of teachers.”

Rep. Earl Jaques, chair of the House Education Committee, said Kowalko’s bill will be heard at an April 22 committee meeting and urged any parents who have opinions on opting out to attend and speak.

“It’s the only thing we have on the agenda right now,” said Jaques, who personally opposes opt-outs. “I expect we’re going to have a lot of public debate, and I encourage that.”

Earl Jacques is nothing more than a Markell puppet and is clueless to the depths of the issues. You can be he won’t let H.B. 50 Jimmy Olsen neglected to mention out of committee and if does big Pete won’t let to the house floor for a vote by the people’s representatives.


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