Markell’s agenda undermine Christina’s referendum

Christina to ask for smaller tax increase Matthew Albright, The News Journal

The Christina School District will again ask voters to increase property taxes to fund growing costs, but this time is asking for an increase about half the size of a previous request that voters resoundingly rejected.

The district also will reduce its spending by $1.8 million. It’s going to be a tough one folks! Markell already sabotage Christina School District calling for merging parts of Christina with Red Clay. Many of us know that merger is at best three years away. But others are dreaming if the think it is going to happen sooner. With Markell’s efforts to undermined Christina who didn’t plan hardball with his Priority School Plans it’s doubtful Christina will be successful. HOWEVER, parent needs to listen up! Without this referendum deep cuts will be a reality. Those Christina parents living outside Wilmington need to step-up like Red Clay’s parents and community did. 

On Feb. 24, voters crushed two larger tax proposals by a margin of almost three to one. District officials said the smaller of those two proposals would have covered the districts’ growing costs for student enrollment and things like transportation and utilities

There goes the News Journal again pushing Markell’s blade in deeper! “voters crushed”. As far as transportation cost going up, the fact is the state aka Markell cut transportation funding to our public schools! Yep and the growing student enrollment does have a financial impact.

Because voters rejected that proposal, the district has to make cuts along with a more modest increase, school board president Fred Polaski said.

“What we’re asking for is the bare minimum we need to maintain the quality of education we provide to our students,”

Polaski said. I hear you Fred and support you but Publius is poised to strike at your statement.

Many school leaders say this is especially problematic for districts because Delaware hasn’t had a property tax re-assessment since the 1980s.

And we won’t see it anytime soon with a major election coming 2016 and with call for merging schools district. Rasing property taxes as privateers are clawing at public school funding isn’t a good idea. Also, there is pressures on the district to back-fill The Smarter Balanced Assessment and Markell’s Common Core Standards with local funding.  I do urge the Christina community to vote yes for this referendum.


5 responses to “Markell’s agenda undermine Christina’s referendum

  1. Publius e decere

    Actually, CSD undermines CSD’s referendum. The RC voters eeked out a win because, Publius believes, RC thinks of their charters and magnets as part of “their” district rather than as a pox on the system. And even their prodigal son, Odyssey, suffers nary a bad word from RC leadership.

    CSD “leadership” has spoken volumes about the charter in their midst. And it is not a cheery narrative. More like nasty, petty and worse.

    Advice to CSD: Create schools which people want.

    The data is clear:

    CSD suffers significant LOSSES of students from the grade-level cohorts moving between grades 5-to-6 and again moving between grades 8-to-9. Now THAT is opting out. A data-driven observation. Reality.

    RC sees INCREASES in their cohorts crossing the same thresholds. Bada bing.

    I see a correlation between voting and feet.


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    • lastDEconservative

      Wait. Have we learned nothing here? Data is useless, right? Always, yes? -head spinning-


    • Publius e decere

      If we cut out data, we would never be able to see this clear Exodus from the disaster called CSD. The rationale of the Opt Outers becoms one step clearer.

      LDC: If as an individual property owner I am happy with the schooling system as it currently is, shouldn’t I be able to opt out of school tax increases? I mean, if I am perfectly happy with the district cutting costs and closing underutilied real property and all of that they shouldn’t I be able to opt out of a tax increase which is aimed at staving off these improvements? After all, America was based on — tax revolts.



    • lastDEconservative

      Ped, I’ll take your opt out options scenario a step further … how about we base the new revolution on tax paying of any kind being an opt in … er, choice, yeah, choice. We’ll start as soon as Lord Kilroy sets sail across the pond.


  2. A). All sports should be cut unless they are self sustaining.

    B). Any after school clubs that require EPER should also be eliminated unless they are self sustaining

    C). All non used buildings, grounds, etc should be sold and funds put into a rainy day fund and not touched unless absolutely necessary.

    D). All employees making $100k or more should pay 50% of the medical premiums