So you don’t think there is a Smarter Balanced Assessment tied to college admission! Better think twice!

College Content-Readiness Policy Approved by Governing States April 23, 2013

Background Representatives of higher education have been working closely with K–12 colleagues on the development of the Smarter Balanced assessments. This partnership is important because a primary goal of Smarter Balanced is that colleges and universities use student performance on the Grade 11 summative assessments in ELA and mathematics as evidence of readiness for entry-level, transferable, credit-bearing college courses.

How deep is the Smarter Balanced Assessment agenda? Deeper than many know! 

There is a common college complaint that many students aren’t prepared for college and are required to take remedial courses.  

[DOC]Parent Q&A – Smarter Balanced Portal

Colleges in [INSERT STATE] are participating in the development of these assessments, with the goal of recognizing student scores on the grade 11 assessments as evidence that students are ready for introductory college courses and can be exempted from non-credit remedial courses.

So The Smarter Balanced Assessment results could impact college admission whereas, the results could be requested as part as high school transcripts. Surely college and universities are tired of adding a 5th years of high school for those not prepared.

I am sure all of this is a few years down the road. So for now high school juniors opting-out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment is safe.

Folks, Race to The Top was the seed to push the Common Core Standard to push the Smarter Balanced Assessment! You’re kidding yourself if you think it ends there! Wall Street laced education reform agenda is a double-edge sword! One side it’s about demoralizing unionized teachers to weaken labor and it’s working! The other side is to create an environment to justify more revisions of text books, testing and related technology particular data tracking software. Governor Jack Markell is no $$$ fools as his eyes are set on cashing-in on education reform and most-likely as an investor and a do nothing blow it out your ass consultant.

The Smarter Balanced Assessment will not address the real needs of at-risk students. Only more teachers and paraprofessional with lower class sizes can do that. Markell and Murphy talk about the world-class global economy but the facts remain, we’ll still need retail-workers, pizza delivery drivers, general laborers and trash-man! Look at Delaware’s economy where the bulk of the jobs are service related. Will Delaware economy transform into all “world-class” jobs? 

Opting out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment will railroad teacher accountability held against results but for students will it provide more teachers and paraprofessional? Don’t think so! So which is the worst of two evils? The unions or federal intervention laced with Wall Street agendas? There is a dance going on where parents are being patronized to push the opt-out agenda. The time is upon us for parents to stand alone a raise their voice to end federal and state intrusion but demand more transparency at the local level and accountability re: measuring teacher effective on a local level and purge the unsuited teachers. Address the VT process may be a good start! I didn’t say end it but rather restrict it keeping low performing teacher from transfer to the last resort school aka poverty schools with the greatest turnover.  

In two years we’ll have a new president and governor who will push their education agendas. For the last 30 years we’ve seen the dog chase it’s tail with no real reforms that lowers class sizes and adding more teachers and paraprofessionals.            


5 responses to “So you don’t think there is a Smarter Balanced Assessment tied to college admission! Better think twice!

  1. So what are you saying? Sounds like you are trying to play both sides of the fiddle. Bottom line, for parents to regain control of their child’s education, they have only one option now left: opt out.their child!…

    If enough do not opt out…, all these horrid policies continue as they have been over the past 3 years. Your buddy Sokola will still put up legislation, your buddy Jacques will still second it; your buddy Pete will still either fast track it, or keep it off the floor entirely; and your buddy Lavelle will switch his vote at every television opportunity,… The process as you well know is fixed and you (and I) can type copious pages to no avail because it is fixed despite the fact that parents overwhelmingly agree with us about their children and are unaminously against them.

    The only way to unfix things is for parents to exercise their legal authority and boycott the test in mass numbers that prove to all eyes:… that going forward with any corporate reform is putting a loaded gun to one’s political head and pulling the trigger 6 times in rapid succession…

    Nothing changes until every single parent seeing this, keeps their child from taking that horrid test…


    • kilroysdelaware

      “Nothing changes until every single parent seeing this, keeps their child from taking that horrid test…”

      If 25% of the parent opts-out there might be some radical changes benefiting students. However, if 6% of parents opts-out it would be enough in the way of the state / districts not meeting the testing of at least 95% of students. The first leg of the race is railroad the test in order skew the outcome to invalidate the means to hold teachers accountable. And of course we don’t want to hold teachers accountable to this horrid test! Put decoder ring on, get enough parents to support Red Clay referendum and within 30 days the board approved new labor contract. But never fear the $$ change will make sure yearbook club and lego club stays on track.

      The opt-out movement is building nationwide but Jaques, Sokola and Pete only march to the drum beat of Markell. The ace in the hole is Kevin / Exceptional Delaware who may get H.Bl #50 to a House and Senate Vote and then we’ll see which legislators supports parents. If H.B#50 doesn’t make it through parents might be pissing in the wind.

      But as you can see, next leg of the Smarter Balanced Assessment is to reduce college remedial classes for many and you can bet parents will push their kids to do good! The test needs to be stopped at all cost to shutdown the overreaching hand of the feds and deflate Markell’s ego! The task to do so seems easy but this test is a monster !


    • lastDEconservative

      Kilroy said,

      “The ace in the hole is Kevin / Exceptional Delaware who may get H.Bl #50 to a House and Senate Vote … ”

      No comment, just wanted to make sure you all saw it unburied from his much larger flurry of words above.

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  2. Publius e decere

    “The ace in the hole is Kevin …..”
    And to think I have been spelling it incorrectly all of these years 🙂