Did Delaware Governor Markell tell a little white lie about his moratorium on new charter school applications?

I posted this on February 2 , 2015:

LEAN and VINE charter school applications failed to make the cut! Posted on by kilroysdelaware

I’ll admit this application looks weak and one was laced with politics with a sitting state legislators being one of the founders of one of these charter schools. How the fact remains LEAN and VINE we the the only charter school application filed before the deadline.

Newsworks reported this on March 20, 2015:

Delaware to complete review of public school needs, demographics by Newsworks 

Interesting observation by Newsworks;

The governor also said the state would not approve any more charter schools until the so-called “needs assessment” has been completed. That condition, while eyebrow-raising, is unlikely to have any effect. The state already decided that it will not approve any new charters for the 2016-17 school year and plans to finish its review before charter approvals for the 2017-18 year are due.

So Governor Markell does the Delaware Political Two-Step calling for a moratorium charter school applications until a yep another task-force review. Markell’s calls for a delay in approving new charter school is all political fluff! HOWEVER, I have no doubt the Specific Interest charter school admission preference permissible by law may come under attack and you can bet the farm the pro-charter folks will point the finger at magnet school admissions and Votechs both having a selective admission application.

In the big picture, Governor Markell’s call for this moratorium is pretty much admission DE DOE’s Charter school unit lacks the skill-sets and capacity to “effectively” utilize their recent rework of the charter school framework for charter school approvals and oversight. DE DOE is spending big bucks bringing in all these world-class leaders to oversee many DE DOE departments. I suggest our state legislators form a task-force to study decentralizing DE DOE and making the position of Delaware Secretary of Education an elected position rather than one appointed by the governor. The Delaware Secretary of Education should be accountable to parents and children first not the governor and in Markell’s case, obsessiveness with re-engineering Delaware public education to fit the needs of shadow federal intervention and the capitalistic dogs of Wall Street. We don’t need a political education czar especially the likes of Jack Markell.      


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