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Delaware Governor Jack Markell is using his executive power in manipulative ways to make sure the opt out bill, House Bill #50, doesn’t move at all.  The bill is currently waiting to be heard in the House Education Committee, led by State Rep. Earl Jaques.  Jaques will not put it on the agenda.  The House Speaker, Pete Schwartzkopf, has also been told by Markell to make sure nothing happens with this bill.  Other legislators are ignoring requests from constituents or groups that want to speak about this bill.  This is the Delaware Way.

Folks Exceptional Delaware isn’t spinning wheels!! Indeed Governor Markell is pulling the puppet strings attached to Delaware State Representative Earl Jaques and we all know House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf is an agent for Markell.

I personally talked with Rep Jaques and my first impression was, he “seemed” like a sensible person who honestly didn’t know the driving force behind the testing opt-out movement. However, it’s obvious Rep Jaques is a Markell loyalist . In fact Rep Jaques was elected as state representative in 2008 the same year Jack Markell was elected governor.

Exceptional Delaware goes on to say this:

A bill that would give parents the ability to speak out on behalf of their children is being thwarted by the Governor and legislators.  The rationale behind this is to wait and see what happens with the assessment committee, which is the one the Governor and Jaques have been pushing to have the DOE and districts take a look at other testing in the state.  This spin from Markell is just another one of his attempts to stop parent opt out.

And then some! Governor Markell fears passage of the testing opt-out legislation H.B# 50 will give him a black-eye and tarnish his image as a change agent in regards to his ego driven agenda that will transform Delaware public education into a world class system. It’s kind of pathetic that people like Jaques and Schwartzkopf drop to their knees to further inflate Jack Markell’s ego. However, we’ve seen the implosion of the Markell agenda with kicking teacher evaluations tied to state testing down the road once again as he did with DCAS. He knows the entire process of teacher evaluations tied to flawed state testing is wrong but rather than really supporting our public school teacher he kicks the can down the road for the next guy! Then there is the so called 2015-2016 moratorium on new charter schools. We all know the application window for 2015-2016 closed prior to Markell’s breaking news announcement. Markell is playing a shell game with his flawed education as the pea and Schowartzkopt, Jaques and Longhurst at the shells. They take turns covering Markell’s wrongheaded agenda! 

This state needs this opt out bill so parents can feel safe.  No parent should be treated this way.  To this end, I am calling on every parent in the state to come to a press conference outside of Legislative Hall in Dover at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, March 25th.  The abuses in our state towards parents, teachers, students, and schools cannot and will not continue.  

I hope there is a big turnout! I wish I could be there but duty calls aka work! 5:00 pm is going to be tough time for others to make! I urge our state PTA leadership to take up the battle cry and expose these freedom thieves like Rep. Jaques who refuses to put H.B. # 50 on the House Education Committee meeting agenda! Rep. Jaques has only been serving as House Education Committee chairperson since the opening of legislative session this January. He was appointed to chairperson via Markell’s anointment and is a dishonor to free society many gave their lives to secure and preserve. When government exist to serve itself rather that of the people, we must question INTEGRITY of those individual within government. Jaques is clearly being self-serving on the issue at hand. He refuses to allow the people to have their voice heard. Sadly school children will continue to be collateral damage in Governor Markell’s personal battle to fit-in the political landscape as Jacques stands sentry as political shield covering Markell.


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  1. hopeforourstudents

    The Emperor, I mean Governor, knows full-well that the number of tests is not the issue. This is a stall tactic. The issue is with ONE test and the high-stakes results attached to it.

    It doesn’t matter if it is the DSTP, DCAS, NAEP, CAT, PAARCC or Smarter Balanced, THE test has high stakes which will harm the functionality of PUBLIC education in Delaware. Markell knows this, he’s hoping to blow enough smoke up in the air in an effort to get people to give him the opportunity to get his next plan or approach together. It will be impossible for this man to do a 180 on this and save his credibility.

    This ONE test causes a school year of test prepping, often mandated by the local school districts and with material provided for them by the Del DOE. Even though Donna Jones and Brian Touchette said the DOE does not “require test prep” (and threw superintendents and school administrators under the bus) to parents at a PTA town hall meeting. It really is the Governor’s decision to implement CCSS and to participate in Race to the Top in conjunction with the Delaware Department of Education that is driving the classroom and school wide “test prep” atmosphere due to the enormous consequences involved. It makes ZERO sense to believe that a test’s scores which determine the very existence of a teacher’s employ or the existence of a school in one’s own community is not going to create an amplified environment of stress and a “nose to the grindstone” test prep focus.

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