Kicking the can of accountability down the road once again! But the accountability tools are flawed!

A longer reprieve on teacher evaluations? Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Teachers could get a second year without scores on the big state standardized test factoring in their evaluations, as the Delaware Department of Education announced Wednesday it wants to ask the federal government for a longer reprieve.

I had to give this one a bit thought! One one hand, here we go again, kicking the can down the road. We did it with DSTP, DCAS and now The Smarter Balanced Assessment. So it will be 8 years of Governor Jack Markell at the helm and he couldn’t devise a fair plan to hold teachers accountable. On the other hand, I feel we need to hold teachers accountable at the local district and charter school level. The can be a due process and standardized fair teacher assessment at the district level and the best thing we can do is eliminate the VT process or better rate restrict! If a teacher’s performances is questionable at one school why allow them to VT? Also, I do believe we are getting better at teacher preparation and we need to reach out and help struggling teacher but set a timetable. 

Delaware already has federal approval to forgo using this year’s results from the Smarter Balanced Assessment, the tough new test kids are taking for the first time, in teachers’ evaluations. If the State Board of Education signs off, Delaware would ask the feds to allow them to remove next year’s results from the evaluations as well.

Same thing happen with DSTP and DCAS!

“We have been listening to feedback from many of our stakeholders, including our teachers and state representatives, on this important issue, and we will make this request on their behalf,” Secretary of Education Mark Murphy said in a news release.

OMG coach! The only thing you been listening to is fart-bubbles running down you pant leg! Face it, it’s all about protecting Governor Markell’s fantasy of being a change agent when it comes to public school reform! All filled with falsehoods!

Designed to measure whether students are meeting the Common Core State Standards, which are supposed to set a higher academic bar, Smarter Balanced is designed to ask more of students than previous tests, often requiring more than multiple-choice answers.

So let me get this right! Students particularly at-risk student have trouble as it is reaching the bar many claimed to be too low will now be ask to reach for a higher bar? So ask more questions with less choices?

 As a result, scores are expected to plunge. That fact, along with the text’s complexity, has made many educators nervous about using the test to judge their performance.

I give! What is text’s complexity? 

Since Smarter Balanced only measures performance in reading and math, only educators that teach those subjects are affected.

We’ll that’s screwy? Why wouldn’t we want to hold history teachers, science teachers and all other teachers accountable to the same standards as reading and math teachers?


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  1. “So let me get this right! Students particularly at-risk student have trouble as it is reaching the bar many claimed to be too low will now be ask to reach for a higher bar? So ask more questions with less choices? ”

    What is this bar you speak of? if social passing is a thing, and obviously it is, then there’s really no bar. At all. Is there?

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  2. Teachers want the test done away with. The SBAC is useless as an educational tool. Why write the test above grade level? Have questions with more than one right answer? Require testing to use up valuable instructional time? Not just hours, but WEEKS!! Results won’t come back till mid-summer !! DCAS we received results same day and with reports on areas of strengths and weaknesses of our students.
    How can a teacher be accountable for a student score when the child only takes the test once? How does that show growth? Using the de-bunked VAM(value-added model)? Even statisticians have said that is dangerous. Leave education in the hands of educators, like the medical field is run by medical professionals and the legal profession is run by lawyers.


  3. So teachers get a reprieve because the test is so horrible, but it will stay on the students permanent record forever…. They are just kids, so fvck them? Is that it?

    Obviously we need legislation right now stating that this test will not go on any child’s permanent record…

    Then there are the schools. If this test is so horrible, how can we use it to rate whole schools?

    Bottom line, we can’t use these results!…. Why did we wastes $119 million in free Race To The Top money on something that is so worthless, so horrible that every parent is considering keeping their child home on test day so they won’t get caught and sucked into the SBA wood chipper?

    Now with free money gone, we pay in full for this test next year…. Why? Why are we paying for something that is so awful, so horrible, so pointless? Any other business would have refused it on delivery…..

    This is exactly what happens when you put a puppet who has only one agenda in charge of schools. and that agenda is not to help children learn…… The time for yelling and pointing fingers has past. It is time for legislation to hit the desk in both houses of the General Assembly essentially removing every aspect of Common Core including the tests, from this state…..

    Whereas all other states are ahead of us on this tack, we seriously need to ignore our governor and provide what our children desperately need from us.

    Here’s hoping all your readers with school aged children have decided to boycott the tests. It is the only option left to protect our children from this test’s abuse.

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    • As stated in the question I asked in a previous thread – it won’t stay on their “permanent record” since it’s not utilized in college admissions. The only person whose permanent record it stays on is Markell’s. And it stays on as a failure.

      With the free money gone why are we paying for it you ask? Cause the referendum passed in red clay and Markell could implement his ‘screw over Christina plan’ since none of the districts said the cuts they would make is getting rid of the test.
      And also we are paying for it because it was Markell’s attempt at getting secretary of education. Since he failed miserably at that the little people suffer the Kings misery.


  4. lastDEconservative

    “Why wouldn’t we want to hold history teachers, science teachers and all other teachers accountable to the same standards as reading and math teachers?”

    Kilroy, you’ve done it again! Thank you. One snarker to another, you’ve jarred an idea loose from my mind.

    You want teacher evaluations, and where they matter? Let’s let the history teachers evaluate the reading/english teachers; let’s let the science teachers evaluate the math teachers. We can even fit the program on a bumper sticker, an essential element, and call it Foundations First. This program would be set up for peer to peer evaluations; for the denizens, that means third grade to third grade.

    The third grade science teachers would be evaluated by the fourth grade science teachers, and so on. Just a little more thought than I’m willing to devote right now and I think a workable, realistic, and thoughtful system for the teacher’s union, pandora, kavips, Eve,, to rally against could be devised.

    You’re welcome.


  5. Greg MAZZOTTA


    I’ve been asked to convene a book study/discussion group
    based upon the book written by my neighbor in Pittsburgh, in association with the University of Pittsburgh along with the
    former SecED of Delaware, showcased at the 2015 Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching; see link below…

    Please let me know your level of interest – 1 to 5; highest to least, asap.
    Example: 1 – Mazzotta

    Favorable Outcomes ~ Greg


    • lastDEconservative

      Three guesses, first two don’t count.


    • No dog in this fight

      I can’t help wondering who was dumb enough to ask you to convene anything. So, in your scoring example 1 means highest, 5 means lowest? Kinda backwards, isn’t it, but then that’s pretty typical of you. I write again — you are an embarrassment to true quality and continuous improvement professionals.


  6. lastDEconservative

    Kilroy, need your help. The Fred’s teacher’s union ad just ran on 1450AM WILM. I’ve never heard it here before, only on 1150AM WDEL. What’s going on???


  7. No dog in this fight

    Greg M. — I did some checking on your earlier post. You mentioned “along with the former Delaware SecEd. Who was that? I can’t find a name associated with your subject matter that corresponds to a Google search for DE SecEd.