Will AG Denn charge those voting twice in Red Clay’s referendum and what about illegal electioneering in the Red Clay District ?

Attorney General probe requested

The recent article about duplicate voting in the Red Clay School District referendum neglected to mention that in addition to the duplicate votes cast, 32 ineligible voters actually cast votes in the election and an additional 97 ineligible voters attempted to vote but were turned away at the polls. There was also a ten-vote discrepancy between votes cast and affidavits filed. The article also neglected to mention that the Department of Elections has asked the Attorney General’s Office to investigate the numerous complaints it received about possible illegal electioneering in the Red Clay District.

Sen. Karen Peterson



6 responses to “Will AG Denn charge those voting twice in Red Clay’s referendum and what about illegal electioneering in the Red Clay District ?

  1. Still nothing here to see. If 97 people were turned away, then the system worked. As far as 32 ineligible voters, that’s why they check the affidavits. There are lots of reasons why people think they are eligible to vote in school elections when they are not; it does not have to be fraud. But what the hell, let’s assume it is: Senator Peterson is up to a grand total of 34 votes in an 880-vote difference. As for the mismatch between votes and affidavits, look at the Lamar Gunn election down in Dover–how many times did that vote total change?

    The reality is that the Department of Elections certified the election.

    If Senator Peterson or anybody else wants to attempt to de-certify it, their proper route is now through the courts. If they’ve got the stomach to do more than bellyache about losing, let’s see them convince a judge.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Moral of the story; if someone pissed in the punch and no one got sick move on :). However, there are two people who knowing voted twice and needs to be dealt with.

      “possible illegal electioneering in the Red Clay District.” I assume this is referring to the events held on the night of the referendum. At first boy was I pissed with but had to reflect back and say, this has been going on form decades. However, 10 points to the district for mastering the advantage. Time to move on!

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    • Publius e decere

      In your punchbowl analogy, the consumption can have immediate and longer-term negative health impacts. Just like exposure to radiation. Not to mention the public’s incremental loss of faith in the way that school elections are designed. The two individuals were consciously misbehaving. But in addition, the system is poorly designed and it grossly favors the direct pecuniary beneficiaries of the taxes being sought. Fix the system if you want public buy-in.



  2. Publius–fine, propose a fix to the system and lobby for it. Unfortunately you will be asking the same people to fix it who have never fixed their own, but that’s how life works.

    But you don’t even know if 2 double votes or 32 ineligible votes is normal or exceptional, do you? Nor does Senator Peterson.


  3. The 2 who voted twice should be charged, it’s illegal

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