Markell will wheel and deal with student testing but not with The Smarter Balanced Assessment

Del. may eliminate some school testing Matthew Albright, The News Journal

The state, districts and individual schools will take an inventory of all the different tests students take and attempt to eliminate those that are redundant or ineffective.

Gov. Jack Markell on Thursday re-affirmed his belief that good tests are a vital part of the education system but acknowledged that some parents and teachers have complained that students are spending too much time on them.

“Our educators, our students, and their parents all deserve the benefits of effective assessments that show when students are excelling and when they need extra support,” Markell said. “At the same time, tests that don’t add meaningfully to the learning process mean less time for students to receive the instruction and support they need.”

Sure we have too many test but many were put in place for students to take a test to see how they will do on the test. All about preparing to take DSTP now gone, DCAS now gone and now The Smarter Balanced Assessment that should be gone.

Markell will wheel and deal in effort to reduce other test but it’s all a smokescreen to save the Smarter Balanced Harassment.   

Secretary of Education Mark Murphy said the state would pay districts and give them financial support to review all of the tests students are given. Some, he said, might be attempting to do the same things as the statewide assessment, while others might have outlived their usefulness.

Yea with some F’ed up MOU! It’s all a polical smoke screen to save the Smarter Balance Assessment and beat the testing opt-out advancing forward! But more importantly it’s about Markell saving face for F’ing Delaware’s public education. “We want to be proud of every assessment we ask our students to take,

” Murphy told a group of William Penn High School students. “We want you to know what you learned, what you didn’t learn, and what you’ve got to do next.”

One thing they and their parents have learned is, Markell has created a political football games out of Delaware’s public education that has nothing to do with kids but all about his capitalistic Wall Street friend looking to cash in on public education.

Other than tests required by the state or federal governments, Murphy said it would be up to districts to determine which exams they might eliminate.

Duh !

The Delaware State Education Association, the state’s largest education union, endorsed the effort.

“Too much testing, and the high-stakes often attached to the results, has diminished our students’ love of learning and our educators love of teaching,” Frederika Jenner, the group’s president, said in a news release. “We will support efforts to eliminate redundant, ineffective, and unnecessary tests as long as educators are directly and fully involved in the review of these tests and testing procedures.”

And DSEA and all the local unions supported Race to The Top that set this F’ing nightmare in motion! Local district and charter have their local autonomy and can eliminate all district and school level testing not tided to federal regulations. The conversation to address local non state and non federal regulated assessment should excluded Markell, Murphy and only include state legislators living within the legislative bounds of the schools in question. 

State leaders made clear that the Smarter Balanced Assessment, the big, tough new statewide test students are taking for the first time this year, is not going anywhere soon.

So the News Journal is saying all state legislators support the Smarter Balanced Assessment ? Where their proof! Wait, shit House Bill #334! look who voted for and against The Smarter Balanced Assessment here and here re: H.B.#334.  Or is the News Journal referring to Markell and his flying monkeys?

 “Is there too much testing? Absolutely,” Jaques said. “And this shows we’re trying to do something about that. But to me, opt-out is admitting failure, and that’s not the American way.”

Not the American way?? WTF? The federal government reaches in and takes control of local state public schools is consider the American way? Gee, how many people opted out of British rule? 

Many teachers have also expressed concerns about how the new test will be used in their evaluations. This year’s scores on Smarter Balanced will not factor into those evaluations, but many educators have called for an extra year on top of that to transition to a new test.

Both Markell and Murphy both said they were “having positive conversations” with federal officials about that possibility.

Yep! Markell is surely a lame duck and Murphy still his pool-boy

Again, all Markell political posturing to save his failing image as a leaders and a so-called change agent! 



One response to “Markell will wheel and deal with student testing but not with The Smarter Balanced Assessment

  1. The key word in Jack’s statement was the adjective “good” in front of the word “test”… He said: “good tests are a vital part of the education system.”

    I would agree. Good tests are given out every day, by teachers, who have just taught a topic and now want to rank students by how of what they studied actually sunk in. That! Is a good test.

    The Smarter Balanced is a horrible, despicable test… It needs to be eliminated now. Not fixed… Eradicated… not reworked. Sent to oblivion,.. not recycled….

    The only way that will happen is a massive protest by every parent in the state of Delaware, insisting their child not take the test… and they should also buttonhole every legislator in the General Assembly to get behind a new bill that says: The Smarter Balance Test cannot ever become part of a Child’s permanent record, until the General Assembly at some point in the future, passes a bill that specifically allows for that action!

    But those who were suckered into the test by ignorance, those who do take the test without knowing its consequences, need help from the General Assembly by an order requiring the DOE to expunge all Smarter Balanced scores from all school records… Someone should throw in a 60 year jail sentence for any violation that ever slips through, just for fun.