3 Months Later

Those In Favor

Hey, where did those last 3 months go?  Let’s see, what’s transpired since my last post.  Red Clay and Christina went out for referendums in February.  Red Clay’s passed, Christina’s was mauled by a bear.  Red Clay did a FANTASTIC job of marketing, advertising and selling their referendum to their residents, students and staff.  Christina…did not.  Red Clay celebrated on Feb 24th.  Christina did not. Christina inked a deal with DDoE to retain control of their three “priority” schools through 2015-16 keeping all staff and leadership but adding assistant principals to each school who will *not* report to the principal they work under.  Instead they will report directly to DDoE.  Can’t see that causing any problems.  Plans to redistrict Christina out of Wilmington are moving forward but they still hinge on the General Assembly to rewrite the laws.  If that does happen, Red Clay gets 3 new inner-city schools from…

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One response to “3 Months Later

  1. Greg MAZZOTTA

    Brian, thanks for your post. I noticed that other school districts may not be so forthcoming as to their CBOC meetings; do appreciate your invitation.

    Perhaps ALL schools will promote their CBOC work and that DOE
    would list ALL members state-wide. This would be an effective step
    in making community engagement and effective platform for the upcoming schools funding issue.

    Thanks for your leadership.