The two people voting twice in school referendum should be prosecuted!

2 people may have voted twice in Red Clay elections Matthew Albright, The News Journal2:59 p.m. EDT March 11, 2015

The New Castle County Department of Elections says two people may have voted twice in Red Clay’s successful property tax referendum last month.

Though it is referring the cases to the Department of Justice, the two duplicative votes were nowhere near enough to affect the outcome, so the Board of Elections certified the results, said Anthony Albence, director of the county Deparment of Elections.

Though questions about possible voter fraud may be answered for now, a larger discussion of the rules school districts play by when they ask for tax increases could be on the horizon.

First, the typographic errors in the above paragraphs aren’t mine :). As for the two criminals voting in two locations, they need to be prosecuted. 

The concerns about holding school events with the deliberate intent to get parents to vote is nothing new! What is new is the mastering of pulling it all together in such a successful way. At first I was kind of piss but stepped back and said, nothing in the law that prohibits holding school / community events on referendum nights. The real question is are the districts gaming the system and would they charge community members who want to use the school buildings for an anti-referendum event? We’re at a question of equal access for all concerned. Another question is, why isn’t the referendum taking place on school board elections?   

Several lawmakers wrote a letter to Red Clay asking about complaints like the ones Peterson cited. In a response, Red Clay Superintendent Merv Daugherty said schools regularly have parent engagement events and try when possible to coordinate them so parents don’t have to come to school on multiple nights.

Mervin, I got your six on the coup d’ etat! But why wouldn’t that same concern for parents be the same re: holding the referendum the same night as school board election. ( yikes folks, there goes my seat at the Red Clay power table Friday morning! Looks like Markie is going to have to take me in the BSD witness protect program and save me a seat 🙂 ) Also, Mervin you tipped you hand re: parents! Now was the the intent to get parents out and not the average Joe taxpayers? Why not community bingo night?  

Do we need to change the law prohibiting holding school events on referendum nights? OMG Publius is going to put me in his will! NOPE!!! My opinion if the opposing parties are really bent n defeating the referendums why aren’t they organizing? Then there is the concerned legislators! Duh it’s been going on for years so where is the legislation ending it? Ball is in your court Rep Hudson and I could have been governor.

Publius, step into the bar for some Maker’s Mark! 


4 responses to “The two people voting twice in school referendum should be prosecuted!

  1. lastDEconservative

    “The two people voting twice in school referendum should be prosecuted!”


    A better use of your time would be to warn Buzzy Cooke that there’s a move afoot to rename his school after these two double voters.


  2. Now I understand

    I heard that the two double voters were “No” votes from Cokesbury Village. I agree that we should throw the book at them. I had just assumed it was a grand scheme by the school district to get two more votes in case the election were to lose by a single vote. Now I know it was just two nice elederly people who must have been confused.


  3. Just like Uncle Leo stealing a book at Brentano’s.


    • lastDEconservative

      So, there’s at least 2 fans amongst the denizens. I’ll award you my usual honor,

      Okay, that’s not bad.