NJ’s Perry White’s dust clears and same old same old re: Wilmington city schools

Red Clay super Merv pretty much called it right! It will take a good two years to see any tangible action in redrawing the district’s boundaries. By that time, Markell will be out of office and those nipping at Merv’s heals re: the coup will settle for not renewing his contract. Both Christina’s and Red Clay’s school board will be attack by pro charter school board candidates and in Red Clay case count on it! So where do we go from here during the next two years of debate?

Changing school funding based on needs-based funding is pretty much a fantasy. If CSD schools are handed over to Red Clay, CSD property owners within will pay the same rate as Red Clay’s property owners, much higher!

The real solution to Wilmington’s education “needs” not “problems” is a Wilmington city school district and city control (oversight) of charter schools. Also, we would need the state and the feds to back off and give Wilmington leaders 5 years free of overreaching federal and state regulations. One city, one school district, one voice and we may see an end to the fragmented voice and community involvement! We need to take a page out of William Hicks Anderson’s playbook! “SOLIDARITY” of parents and real civil rights leaders not the ones groomed by the white status-quo puppets!

To suggest Wilmington community leaders and elected officials don’t have the skills to serve the needs of their own children and community is nothing more than a white mindset that blacks can’t effectively meet the needs of their own children. 

Until we get to the point of redrawing the district boundaries and handing over CSD to any other district we need to revisit school choice. Those student living in Wilmington that don’t have their own neighborhood high schools and middle schools that are being bused out of Wilmington must be given preferential choice transportation and first choice to attend schools of their choice before in-district and out-of-district students including siblings. We know poverty is not an excuse to fail , learn or not teach! However, poverty does stagnate the ability to learn and teach! Poverty does impact school choice as those without the transportation means can’t effectively participate in school choice. By addressing these school choice barriers for our city children whom many are minorities we can ease the de facto segregation concerns! Wilmington children and parents needs some breathing room and relief until permanent solutions can effectively change the landscape for the better. But one thing for sure, do not let Jack Markell in office or out of office play a role in such change! Folks, the Wilmington community and leaders can do it and the support role of business can help fund such a transition. Imagine this, one school board for all of Wilmington schools! And as far as the News Journals bias manipulative reporting, it needs to end! Last night’s event was pushed as a means to address Wilmington’s education needs and concerns! But it ended up all about the big picture “Delaware”. Folks, the education problems in Wilmington are extremely bad across all districts! How do you trust Red Clay with CSD priority schools when Red Clay has done nothing to provide neighborhood high schools and middle schools? New schools have been built in Red Clay suburbs under the pretense the Neighborhood Schools Act required it. But yet, it doesn’t require middle and high schools in the city “neighborhoods”? Talk about a white-wash!

On to Publius! At best we can say he is looking down one end of the microscope and many of us looking back through the other end. But rest assured, Publius knows somewhere in the middle is the truth and common ground. Charter schools can coexist with traditional schools but they must be under the district approval and oversight ending DE DOE involvement. Lamont was correct in not all charter school use specific interest as CSW. Do union teachers perform better than non union? NO! On the flip-side, why do charter teacher teach in a non union environment? Are they crazy??  

I know one thing for sure, suburban white parents fear another federal intervention in setting school boundaries that may bring back force busing for whites ! and do remember when the desegregation busing order was lift some kids remained on the bus! Wilmington children are being assigned to schools far from their homes in contrast to whites in the suburbs! Force busing is a live and well, if you are Wilmington minority children.

A day will come when we’ll see a real civil rights movement pushing aside the groomed puppets of the Rodel’s of the world. Sadly last night nothing was said about Hicks Anderson! Not even a notation of the 50th anniversary of Title 1. Brown knocked down the door and Hicks Anderson led many parents through that door and created a VOICE of parents who stood guard know as the  The National Coalition of Title 1 / Chapter 1 Parents! However, with the NCLB Wavier, Title 1 Section 1118 was cast aside and alone with it the rights of many Title 1 parents!

Then there is Debbie Hudson! WTF Debbie, can’t you see the need for transparency? The NJ live stream their event to get the public to buy into their bullshit! Can we at least have access to recordings of local school board meetings including charters?  Debbie you are ending up on the wrong side of history! 


3 responses to “NJ’s Perry White’s dust clears and same old same old re: Wilmington city schools

  1. Publius e decere


    You should give up the HB-23 rag … it is getting old. One Publius’ opinion. As for “the microscope” I was thinking more like the Cyclops Eye ha ha.

    Suggstion: stop looking for monopoly solutions. Let DOE and district retain authorizing authority, then add the City. Multiple schools, multiple authorizers, let the best combination win the day. Which, by the way, THE PEOPLE will decide by how they enroll in these schools. Demand equals public acceptance.

    The City should be an authorizer of charters, but NOT the only one. Sorry. In fact, the city should focus on housing and lifestyles and amenities which people want and are willing to move to the city for. And STAY for. Philadelphia got the former but not the latter. Wilington needs people to make their life in the City so they need to make it livable. Nix the panhandling, clamp down hard on the petty and fatal crimes, incent small business to remain open, and incent residential evelopers to build and sell. Once the City has a viable and vibrant community living within, the schools will sort themselves out.



  2. lastDEconservative

    KilRacist said, incredibly, “To suggest Wilmington community leaders and elected officials don’t have the skills to serve the needs of their own children and community is nothing more than a white mindset that blacks can’t effectively meet the needs of their own children.”

    So only blacks get to be in charge of this mythical superlative district of black children, and what? Drive the white folks out with exclusionary tactics, mandatory ebonics, a ban on soccer balls and minivans?

    White mindset? C’mon, Kilroy, of all people, watching like a hawk as a far predominantly white group of elites spiral the government school (not education) system into the ground, a system populated primarily by children of the same hue?

    Here, I’ll say it, in terms in keeping with your mindset: I do not think that a Wilmington school district populated by “their own” will rise to the occasion, any occasion, as far as the betterment of said population’s most valuable and most vulnerable [wink-wink: black folks]. I should not have to add this line, but many of the DF Kilroy denizens won’t get it if I don’t … I have every reason to believe this based on the results demonstrated all across the fruited plain of the nation by govt school boards of all color/creed/religious majorities, NOT because Williamston’s will be (presumably) majority, no, fully, black (in keeping with your mindset).

    Ahh, now we’re really getting somewhere. ” … must be given preferential choice transportation and first choice to attend schools of their choice before in-district and out-of-district students including siblings.” “Wilmington children and parents needs some breathing room and relief … ”

    Reparations. Sure. That proposal will draw out only the best and brightest and most altruistic Williamston residents.

    And under the heading of ‘pay no attention to me demanding to have it both ways,’ we find this gem: ” … Wilmington community and leaders can do it and the support role of business can help fund such a transition.”

    Finally, you did get ONE RIGHT. “The NJ live stream their event to get the public to buy into their bullshit!” Amen. By giving the public 12 minutes of voice … and they bought it, that’s what’s so sad. DF DE.


  3. lastDEconservative

    “NJ’s Perry White’s dust clears and same old same old re: Wilmington city schools”

    Wait. Nothing has happened yet? Didn’t, uh, uh, what’s his name, who was made the uh, uh, what’s the title, launch a uh, uh, what was it called, right away?