Red Clay board member Martin Wilson has an opponent! Yikes! Charter connection ????

Nominating District “B” – Term expires June 30, 2020
Caleb Brokaw – WITHDREW Feb 12, 2015
Martin A. Wilson – Jan 16, 2015
Alfred Lance, Jr. – Mar 3, 2015

I am not sure if Alfred Lance Jr is the same Alfred Lance that sits on Freire charter school board but if it is; Title 14 Section 504:

(b) The board of directors of a charter school shall be deemed public agents authorized by a public school district or the Department with the approval of the State Board to control the charter school. No person shall serve as a member of a charter school board of directors who is an elected member of a local school board of education

So if it is the same person he’ll have to step down from Freire’s board! Word on the street it is but I can’t confirm! 

As you know, DE DOE shot-down two charter school applications and concerns with Wilmington might put future charters on ice. Therefore, Red Clay is the only other charter authorizing authority in Delaware. Folks the stage is being set for turning Christina’s priority schools into charters if those schools end up in Red Clay’s hands! However, Red Clay needs a few more charter friendly school board members.  One must question why Red Clay is being consider for takeover of Christina’s priority schools when the fact remains Red Clay hasn’t proven itself in turning around it’s own priority schools! Folks the stage is being set for Wilmington to be duked out traditional public schools. 


5 responses to “Red Clay board member Martin Wilson has an opponent! Yikes! Charter connection ????

  1. Coolspringer

    It is the same person, though he did recently resign from the Freire board.


  2. Steven Fackenthall

    Yay! Charter school proponent! Fantastic. ::gag me with a spoon::