Breakthrough coming on CSD priority schools with possible Red Clay takeover ?

CSD Board President: Agreement between Christina and DOE on Priority Schools is near By Amy Cherry / WDEL 4:33pm, March 3, 2015 – Updated 5:24pm, March 3, 2015

Christina School Board President Fred Polaski appears confident that the district will get to keep three Priority Schools for at least another school year.

In an e-mail sent to board members obtained by WDEL, Polaski said he met with Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) officials Friday.

Polaski said DDOE will treat the 2015-16 school year as an additional planning year for Stubbs and Bancroft elementary schools and Bayard Middle, but that major changes could come in the 2016-17 school year. The e-mail also made mention that an extra planning year would help Christina School District (CSD) transition its schools into the Red Clay Consolidated School District, a recommendation made by the Wilmington Education Advisory Committee (WEAC). Christina’s Board previously passed a resolution in support of WEAC’s recommendation that has nothing with the Priority Schools plan.

The WEAC has no legal authority to make such a transition happen. The Red Clay school board members agreeing to such a move would be fools. And in the background is the union that would support the move to save union jobs. However, if Red Clay takes on these three schools the impact on Red Clay’s existing schools would be “negative”. Any deal is nothing more than a charter school Trojan horse. It will save union jobs for perhaps three years and then in comes charter school transitions. But then again, if CSD doesn’t buy in to a Red Clay equations the priority schools would become charter schools sooner than later. Yep it’s for the kids alright !

The best solution would be a Wilmington city school district and shift to needs based school funding from the state.  Red Clay refuses to offer traditional middle school and high school in the city so what makes one think Red Clay would give a shit about these kids? Remember force busing stills exists in Red Clay! Outbound Wilmington mostly children of color! 


2 responses to “Breakthrough coming on CSD priority schools with possible Red Clay takeover ?

  1. Are CAB and CSW high schools in the city of Wilmington? Could this not be used for 6-12 for city children?


  2. Again I question whether this arrangement of rcccsd getting these schools were know before the referendum.