Breaking News: Priority Schools in Christina Will Convert To Red Clay in 2016

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According to a VERY anonymous source in the Delaware Department of Education, this is the plan with the three priority schools in the Christina School District:   Next year, Stubbs, Bancroft and Bayard will remain in Christina as they currently are but they will be given to Red Clay Consolidated School District in the 2016-2017 academic year.  Apparently a very small team from the Christina School Board came to the DOE for a meeting.  This meeting was hinted at in the 2/27 deadline letter in regards to the WEAC recommendations.

After everything, Christina still loses the three schools, but under their own terms.  It is unknown at this point if the schools will still have priority status by then because no one knows what will happen with the reauthorization of ESEA.  In my opinion, Christina successfully thwarted the DOE at nearly every level.  They never outright caved in to the demands inflicted…

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9 responses to “Breaking News: Priority Schools in Christina Will Convert To Red Clay in 2016

  1. kilroysdelaware

    I do believe this is something Red Clay’s board must approve where as the with the financial obligation needed the super doesn’t not have the authority to approve himself. And why in the hell would you give Red Clay Christina’s priority schools when they haven’t turned around their own priority schools?


    • good question….will the schools take their priority status with them? More questions than answers. Boards must approve, legislature must approve, etc. The financial question is huge….


    • Publius e decere

      So why not have the CSB board move to seek a divestment of Nominating District A to the “highest” or “least lowest” bidder? It is clear that CSD does not care about nor want the City Nominating District. So make a honest case of it and put it up for transfer … let all other surrounding districts have a chance to place their bids for what they might pay — or what they propose that CSD would have to pay them to take — for the Nominating Distrcit A. That is, for the assumption of the obligatons and the buildings AND the tax revenues.

      Can CSD even tell us what are the total tax revenues of Nominating District A and the total school population by grade? Does anyone want to wager on whether or not those $/student are above or below the district average?



    • Publius, is that in actual grades based on formative assessments, summative assessments, homework and classwork? Or are you basing this solely on standardized assessments that got the living sh*t beat out of them today across the country? If it’s the latter (yawn), people really aren’t caring anymore. I think LOTS of parents are going to be opting out this week. Even some charter parents. Takes a lot of steam out of many of your arguments.


    • Publius, 20% and 20%. Thats local tax income by percentage and the total percentage of district students that live in district A. It’s 1:1.


  2. All part of the bigger prize Kilroy. Just a piece of the bigger picture.


    • Do tell KO, the bigger prize of what? Lower district revenue, higher district expenditures, lower academic performance, higher incidence of behavioral issues? What grand prize would RCCSD be awarded? Let all us plebeians know how your vast intellectual & educational expertise from downstate anticipates the endgame. No decoder ring, just facts.


  3. Moving deck chairs from the Titanic to the Lusitania….


  4. No dog in this fight

    Wow! Would the Red Clay district have the high school space for these children? I’m just assuming that Delaware’s law would require the children to be in Red Clay for all grades.