Yep more data blunders found in DE DOE’s 2013-14 high school dropout report!

Page 4 “Highlights”

“Last year, out of 39,949 students enrolled in grades 9-12, 817 students left school”

Page 8 “Dropouts and Student Enrollments by County by Grade”

State (9th grade) 11,544, (10th grade) 9,822, (11th grade) 8,901 and (12th grade) 8,682   All 38,949

Folks the last time I checked, Delaware had three counties. So how does DE DOE report 39,949 9-12 grade students on page 4 and 38,949 on page 8? Delaware Dropout Summary Statistics 2013-2014 

DE DOE did go back with a little help from Rep Baumbach and revised data after I reported this re: DE DOE idiots screw up again re: High School Dropout Data! See for yourself. Posted on by kilroysdelaware re: Delaware Academy of Public Safety but did not provide # of dropouts within the <15 equations.

So obviously the 39,949 total is 38,949. Yea just a little human error! However, this is more proof collecting and reporting data is susceptible to “human” error. If we are going to hold teachers and schools accountable based on data there isn’t room for errors when we’re talking careers! I assure you, if I keep digging I’ll find more errors and deviations in dropout data collection methodology across the collection years to prove the data isn’t apples to apples and skewed enough to be invalid. 


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