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Sunday sermon for Red Clay School Board

Those who sit at the right and left hand of the Red Clay God (Merv) better take a hard look in the mirror. Though school superintendents make many request for school board approval it is the school board who makes the final approval with no veto power on the super’s part. In the big picture the super’s failures are the board’s failures.  

Merv like every super in this state is a CEO of a unionized corporation where the workers own many legislator. Somewhere in the middle are the children who we always seem to want to put first. Public education is ugly and driven by power, ego, politics and money which are never aligned for the true benefit of children. I can and have straight-up or in my cryptic way ridicule many including Merv. My dislike of some players in this equation like Markell, Hudson and now Lavelle among others has nothing to do with them personally but has to do with their roles in education. I don’t share confidential E-mails or sources. Publius is disliked by many but I respect his rights to weigh-in but certainly don’t always agree with his positions. I’ve been picking on DE DOE Penny but give her much credit for going across the grain to reach out is her bold way. I respect that! In a nutshell, many of us who engaged in public education do so by career choice certainly wanting to make a difference and some of us who don’t ask for a dime do so as part of good or bad is some eyes as our mission to give back. 

I am dishearten to hear (rumor of course) some board members want to throw Merv overboard midstream (before the end of his contract). Those who think Merv may be the problem are just as much the problem. I must remind everyone, it was the unions including DSEA who approved Race to The Top laced with Common Core and Smarter Balanced seeds. And now we hear all the crying from labor as to the ill-effects of the fallout! Yet labor refuses to put a face on the “system”! They refuse to chastise Governor Markell who alienated even his close friends with his love affair with his own ego! Markell pulled the D.C. and Wall Street Trojan Horse threw the gates of Delaware. Markell bullied Merv and all other supers and many board members to kiss his royal ass! The “union” were Markell enablers with Judas carrying the flag! 

I urge Red Clay board members plotting against Merv (rumor of course) to pull their horns in and not degrade the “man” who is stuck in the same political bullshit as many of you. Also board members keep in mind, you are “politicians”. You ran for public office with many promising transparency and courage to lead! Don’t get me wrong for the most part you are doing a great job and I love the individuality among you that does cause friction. A board that refuses to be individuals and cut across the grain is a dangerous body of people. We’ve seen what Markell has assemble within DE DOE! A puppet show full of Rodel clones and ass kissers! So I urge the Red Clay school board members who are sowing a coup to back off (rumor of course). Think about it, should we demand each board member who approve the Markell priority school agenda even in a water-down version to step-down? If you have the courage to tarnish a man’s career why not let that man be Markell and not Merv (rumor of course). Let the man compete his contract if he wishes and then assets and evaluate the direction “you” want the district to go!    

Thank you Rep Debbie Hudson and Sen Greg Lavelle for victimizing school children and their parents

Tough new Delaware testing concerns parents Matthew Albright, The News Journal

But because of the more in-depth approach, scores are expected to plummet on the new test.

Fewer than half and, in some cases, barely a third of students are expected to score well enough to be considered proficient. On the previous assessment, the Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System, about 70 percent of students met that bar.

The end-of-the-year test also will take longer than DCAS.

For elementary students, the English portion could take four hours, and the math section could take three hours. For middle school students, the test could take seven and a half hours, while juniors might need eight and a half hours – about twice as long as the SAT or ACT college-entrance exams.

Debbie and Greg, two Republicans who claim they are against the overreaching arms of the federal government yet both supported House  Bill # 334 and Governor Markell’s wrongheaded education agenda.  And as a bonus Hudson abandoned her own House Bill #23 that would require all school board to record the public session of their board meetings. Shame on you Debbie and Greg! Mushrooms grow better in the dark and that’s where Debbie wants to keep parents! 

State education leaders say Common Core is a necessary step to “raising the bar” so Delaware’s students can compete with kids from countries with the most elite educational systems in the world. And Smarter Balanced is the way to figure out how close students are to vaulting over that higher bar.

Looks like Jimmy Olsen inhales!