Will Christina fall to an all charter school district? Be careful what you wish for DOE Jenny!

Christina School District starts cutting costs Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Two days after voters slapped down a request to raise property taxes to cover growing costs, the Christina School District announced Thursday cost-cutting actions to prepare for a looming budget deficit.

The district has placed a freeze on new hiring and axed all travel for district personnel. District administrators also cut school budgets and directed department heads and principals to start cutting overtime, reducing contracted services and eliminating or leaving unfilled positions in which teachers get extra pay for extra responsibilities, like advisers and coaches.

“We don’t want people to think that we’re going to start shutting programs down now. We’re very respectful of what our students and schools are engaged in,” said Superintendent Freeman Williams. “At the same time, we need to be prudent and responsible and begin to prepare for the adjustments we need to make.”

The district also will begin looking at possible reductions to pay for administrators and will invite teacher unions to discuss the possibility of reduced pay or eliminating jobs, Williams said.

The Markell tarot cards are lining up for collapse of Christina School District. If this were to happen and legislators answer is divided Christina and fold it into Red Clay, Brandywine and Colonial they’ll have a big surprise!  There will be push-back from from these district communities because the need would be so great the funding required to restore Christina programming will hurt programming in the receiving district. You can bet those districts will go to referendum many times!

If DOE Jenny is envisioning an all charter school district takeover of Christina she better think twice. DOE Jenny has job stability issues! Markell will be go and as we know in Delaware out goes the trash left behind! She better stick to California dreaming! 

To the brothers in Wilmington! It’s time to man-up and call for a Wilmington School District! If you think Red Clay, Brandywine, Colonial or a charter district is going to solve “your” problem, you got it wrong! The time is ripe to take ownership and stop being “owned”. If Red Clay were to takeover Christina priority schools I assure you Red Clay as we know it will suffer. Red Clay’s basement is currently filling with water and as one board member helps bail another may is adding it back. The Red Clay coup d’etat has begun and the notion of Red Clay taking any school from any other district isn’t going to happen. Good brothers of Wilmington, Markell doesn’t give a shit about Christina! He want’s revenge because Christina didn’t bow-down to kiss ring or ass! Don’t farm your children out to a district that still uses force busing one way and one color.

6 responses to “Will Christina fall to an all charter school district? Be careful what you wish for DOE Jenny!

  1. Hearing rumors Secretary Murphy and his deputy have resigned this afternoon. Anyone else hearing that?


  2. I emailed Donna Johnson, executive director of the State Board of Education for confirmation on this. She replied “No. That is completely inaccurate.”


  3. To bad Freeman Williams and the board did not resign in shame.