OMG coup d’etat Red Clay style ;)


Get your decoder rings out folks ! Some where between binary, hex and decimal you’ll find it! That’s four bottles of Makers Mark for you Publius.  

The C-17 load-master needs a big Red Clay Chicken Dinner! Careers will be on the line! Back off Johnny Jet ! 

8 responses to “OMG coup d’etat Red Clay style ;)

  1. Is this some sort of code you and Publius came up with?

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    If anyone can figure out this little Common Core/Smarter Balanced test of Kilroy’s, I will do you a solid. Name your price, less than $5.00. Or I’ll interview you, or mention you in an article, or opt your kid out, or something. Just figure out this damn cryptic mystery! Either that or this is just a huge prank from Kilroy to all of us.


  3. Publius e decere

    “Mark” my words — it is an airline ticket number — Delta I believe.

    Or it could be the S/N on the first of the four bottles Kilroy owes me.


  4. Converted to binary…then to hex…..11EBF740. What happened on 11 Feb at 7:40?