Just got back from voting in Red Clay’s referendum ! WTF

I’ll give kudos to Kenny and the school board for supporting all the school events at the polling schools. With the amount of kids and “parents” in Conrad gym and school, Conrad polling place will carry many yes votes!

Now here is my problem, we pull into a packed parking lot with kids and adult roaming in the poorly lit parking lot. Trying to find a spot to park was a bitch and well as trying to get out! The there was Richey school another polling place holding events jamming Highland Ave where only one car can’t get through! And yep more people walking in the dark streets! 

From what I saw, I predict a major win for Red Clay. The organized activities at the polling schools will trump any senior citizen push against the referendums. 

All is fair in love , war and school referendums! So an early congratulation to Kenny and the board!  Very tactful move 🙂 

2 responses to “Just got back from voting in Red Clay’s referendum ! WTF

  1. I hope you’re right. I am not as optimistic.


  2. Shame. Cheating for the win. Terrible examples, pathetic leadership and out right stealing from the public is not a tactic, it’s a crime…I mean the Delaware Way.