Federal Guidance States Specific Interest Is Not An Enrollment Preference For Charters, Delaware In Violation

Exceptional Delaware

“A charter school may weight its lottery to give slightly better chances for admission to all or a subset of educationally disadvantaged students if State law permits the use of weighted lotteries in favor of such students.”

Early College High School, the new charter school that opened in Dover, DE this academic year submitted a request for a major modification.  On February 2nd, they had their meeting with the Charter School Accountability Committee.  What happened at this meeting looks like it took the Charter School Accountability Committee completely by surprise.  It turns out, Federal charter school law does not allow specific interest as an enrollment preference for admission to a charter school.

Early College High School’s major modification request was to change their enrollment preference to take out both the specific interest clause and weighted enrollment preference for the children of any of the school’s founders.  The school said they…

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4 responses to “Federal Guidance States Specific Interest Is Not An Enrollment Preference For Charters, Delaware In Violation

  1. Publius e decere

    Early College seemed to believe in using a specific-interest preference until they found out that they could get money (CSP) by dropping it. They are the ones to answer for this quid pro quo (or this pay to play). But if they are willing to cast aside a founding strategy at the very beginning, then what else are they willing to barter for?

    CSP funds are for startup expenses — for new charter schools not for established ones. If CSP funds are awarded to a school, they come in as a federal grant with conditions. Early College is apparently willing to comply with those conditions in order to get those funds. At least they are honoring an honest transaction — unlike CSD who took federal funds for RTTT and then did not comply with the conditions attached and then pouted loudly when told to comply. Way back when as well as in present day.

    Conditions to a federal grant are not the same thing as federal law, nor even the same thing as federal regulation. If you want the federal funds, you will comply with federal fund conditions. Also note that the guidance flyer for the CSP grant is “non regulatory” on its face.

    In the words of the trooper overseeing the chain gang in Cool Hand Luke: “What we have ‘ere is a fail-ure to comm-un-e-cate”.

    See you all at the polls today. I no you’ll be there.


  2. My district isn’t having a referendum today Publius! I added another article because Freire did the exact same thing. I think with the ACLU lawsuit, things need to change in this state. Why does Delaware practice something the Federal government doesn’t recommend for charters at all, but will bend over backwards to make sure they are compliant for Common Core and the Smarter Balanced? Schools like CSW willfully puts something into a part of their enrollment preference that gives a clear and distinct disadvantage to many and you are okay with that? Choice shouldn’t have criteria to put anyone at a disadvantage or they ARE breaking Federal law. All the ones I listed in my article: ESEA, Civil Rights Act, IDEA, Section 504, and Americans With Disabilities. That’s the fact Jack!


  3. No dog in this fight

    What?? Is Delaware going to let the federal government tell it how to run charter schools?? If that happens, the people of Delaware will have sold out to total socialism (actually, it’s worse than that, but I hesitate to use the word that would really describe it).


  4. Let me get this straight No Dog: We let the federal government tell us how to run education, but when they want to tell us how to run charter schools to eliminate an appearance of discrimination there is an issue with that? We allow our children to be tested incessantly and then use those scores to judge our schools, but federal guidance over law that has been in affect for 50 years is Socialism? Or Communism? Nobody wants to be held under Federal rule, but local segregation and discrimination is okay? Because the Delaware DOE and Red Clay know exactly what they are doing when it comes to charter schools and they have done such a great job…uh huh. God forbid we protect citizens and students who should have the same rights as everyone else. Is this Delaware or the Middle Ages?