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Arthur says why no school -15 degree wind chill one day but school the next -15 degree wind chill day school in session?

Maybe someone here can answer a question. Last Friday schools were closed with -15 degree wind chills. Tomorrow there will be -15 degree wind chills also but schools are open. Why?

Very interesting point Arthur! 

Governor Markell $$$$$ rapes school districts and want the public to pay his bail

So here we are on the eve of Red Clay and Christina’s referendums and many in the public are fired up! Markell cuts transportation funding to our schools and threatens to cut senior citizen’s school tax rebates! 

Markell’s back-$$$$-filling Race to The Top programs with local taxes and indeed the same will go for Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment. Sure we want our children to have the best and sure we want our amazing public school teachers compensated for a job well done! The means to “Judge” our public schools are Markell’s wrongheaded education agenda going from DSTP, DCAS and now The Smarter Balanced Assessment. DCAS worked! Look at the high school dropout rate at an all time low and look at the graduation rate improving under DCAS. So why are we spending an additional 12 million dollars a year on the Smarter Balanced Assessment? Markell bullied his way forcing school districts to go along or face deeper state funding cuts. Ask Jack what happened to the Minner Reading and Math Teachers? And Extra-Time state grant?? 

Yes we need these referendums for the kids but damn Governor Markell continues to $$$ rape our local school districts! Then there is Senator not the right time to run for governor Greg Lavelle! Then the is Representative parents you don’t need to hear school board meeting recordings Debbie Hudson! MARKELL ENABLERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Markell is doing all he can to undermined the school district to justify charter schools.  Indeed we need to pass the referendums but sad to say it’s just paying Markell’s rape $$$$$$ bail! 

Senator Lavelle is absolutely correct! Now is not the time to run for governor!

“The Education Industrial Complex, encouraged and supported by too much Federal Government interference, endlessly diverts money into consultants and others instead of the classroom. I support strong standards and testing and would hope that the legions of Delaware administrators and others at the Department of Education, assisted by teachers, could develop them.  That said, the current practice of changing the “program” every few years will almost ensure that no accountability ever occurs.  Time will always be needed to implement, implement, and implement yet again.  A financing and financial reporting system that allows cross district comparisons on a variety of metrics also appears to be lacking.” Senator Greg Lavelle

Greg you were the best hope for the DE GOP but you’re stuck far right! Your biggest blunder is supporting Jack Markell’s education agenda with your yes vote on H.B.# 334. You helped open the gateway to greater federal intervention with your yes vote!

So where does this leave the DE GOP? Where they belong, not governor! As far a Rep Hudson bailing on H.B. #23, I call it life in the big city! She continues to protect Markell and denies the people access to the truth! So be it!  

The 2016 race for the governor house will be down to Denn and Gordon on the D side! On the R side, nothing but spinning wheels to nowhere! I give it 70% Denn 30% Gordon! However, if Gordon really wants to win now is the time to move. Beau Biden??? Ain’t going to happen! The Biden magic is fading!