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Delaware Secretary of Education Murphy get’s bitch-slapped by DE House ED Committee

Lawmakers grill education leaders on Race to the Top Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Secretary of Education Mark Murphy and members of his staff faced a grilling from state lawmakers on Wednesday as they pitched spending $7.5 million to sustain programs from the mammoth federal Race to the Top grant that ends this year.

Several lawmakers said their constituents are telling them that too much of Race to the Top’s millions have gone to state bureaucracy and too little has actually helped teachers in classrooms.

Like I said, Markell will use local monies to back-fill this wrongheaded agenda! This is what is on local taxpayers’ minds and the referendums don’t look good.

 “You may have a view of the wonderful things Race to the Top has done, but the public does not appear to share that view,” said Rep. Joe Miro, R-Pike Creek Valley

Joe, you voted for H.B.# 334 empowering Markell to keep the race going! Enjoy your last term old man! 

Murphy said Race to the Top is “a journey that is working. It is working for teachers, it is working for leaders and most importantly is working for our kids.”

Murphy is full of shit and needs to take a journey like in booting his ass out the DE DOE door! 

“Most races have a tape that the racers get cross, a finish line. When is the finish line for Race to the Top?” asked Harris McDowell, D-Wilmington North, who co-chairs the JFC. “When do we finish this, or are we just building a permanent bureaucracy?

Harris, you voted for H.B. #334 and you’re full of shit!

“One of the biggest complaints I hear from my constituents is that education is just loaded down with all these administrators,” Peterson said. “Here we have $1.5 million going to 10 people. And in some places, we’ve got schools trying to scrape up one more teacher? It just seems so out of whack.”

Karen, you voted for H.B. # 334! So your credibility is shaky! 

Murphy said the programs the administration is asking the state to pay for are what educators have said they want to keep. But some lawmakers said that didn’t match up with what their constituents were hearing. 

The state ain’t paying shit! Markell makes cuts to other programs and transportation to fund this Race to Nowhere and the local taxpayers must also kick in!

“You said that teachers and educators are asking you to continue these programs. That’s not the feedback from what we’re getting,” said Rep. James “JJ” Johnson, D-New Castle.

JJ vote no on H.B.#334. Thank you!

Rep. Kim Williams, D-Newport, for example, pressed Christopher Ruszkowski, head of the Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Unit – whose job is among the 10 the Department is asking the state to fund – about the Delaware Talent Cooperative, a Race to the Top program that gave big bonuses for teachers who earned high ratings and stayed or moved to low-income schools.

Williams pointed out that only a handful of teachers moved to high-needs school under the program and argued that it didn’t make sense to give big bonuses to teachers who are already working at those schools.

Kim voted no on H.B.# 334 ! Set the record straight Kim! No of it makes sense !

 “I know your hands are tied by the federal government with some of these programs, but a data warehouse or some pipeline is not going to yield the results we need,” said Rep. Sean Matthews, D-Talleyville, a schoolteacher. “It saddens me. I wish it could have been better spent.”

Yep hands are tied and Rep Hudson and Sen Lavelle handed the feds the rope to tie those hands. GOP is all big talk when it comes to fighting the overreach of the federal government! Hudson kills her own transparency bill H.B. #23! 

U.S. Secretary of Arne Duncan is scheduled to visit Delaware on Thursday, and is expected to praise the state for its efforts to improve schools.

What a joke!

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