Aging Infrastructure Does What Secretary Murphy Couldn’t Do


It shuts down Bayard School… 

Sprinkler pipes burst flooding the school forcing its closure until Monday Feb. 22nd…

Governor Markell and Secretary Murphy issued an ultimatum.  Because something happened beyond the school district’s control. the Christina District must either a) close down the school, or b) turned over to a management company, or c) make it into a charter school… (Christina opted to punt the problem to Red Clay school district…. )
Massive poverty.  Low outside temperatures… What’s the difference?

Fact is… there really isn’t any… Those kids will not get an education on par with others in Shue Middle School for example, because they will miss 4 days of school.. That is beyond their control.  Yet allegedly that makes no difference when they take the Smarter Balanced Assessment. … None.  Just like not having dinner every night for the past few years, allegedly makes no difference when one takes the Smarter Balanced…

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5 responses to “Aging Infrastructure Does What Secretary Murphy Couldn’t Do

  1. Publius e decere

    What a flight of fancy by Kav. I read his (its) “post”.

    First off, Kav should acknowledge that Christina is responsible for preventive maintenance and therefore should shoulder a large share of the blame for the outage. Did all schools suffer broken pipes, or only this one? Yes it could be random chance. But it could be selective unequal preventive maintenance.

    Secondly, Kav went right to the pejorative insult. According to Kav these schools are failing because the parents are not feeding their kids, instead they eare lecting to rotate partners and more? Wow, Kavips is far worse than any of us thought.

    Thirdly — why on earth would Kavips take a manifest failure of maintenance by CSD and a (Kav’s gross claim) failure of parents and blame all of it on “testing”? Seems insane.

    Kav “Sandy” Kavips wins — the Ostrich Of The Year Award.



    • lastDEconservative

      “Wow, Kavips is far worse than any of us thought.”

      Speak for yourself there Publius! Your judgement must be momentarily disrupted by kavips’s omission of his/her/its usual punchline from this unusually succinct yet characteristically dark diatribe, that being that the solution to every woe (not just schooling about which ‘he’ is schooling us today) is the increasingly punitive taxation of the makers and the attendant redistribution (after union salaries and benefits (including lifetime paydays) of the confiscation agents, of course) to those worthy as determined by the wise collective of kavipses.

      “Thirdly — why on earth would Kavips … ”

      You know what’s coming here … because ‘he’ doesn’t come from earth, nor Planet kavips (a early theory from which we cannot help but be disabused by the frightening visions presented), but comes from an alternate UNIVERSE, somewhere way beyond not just unfathomable space and time, but equally beyond the reaches of reason.


    • hmmmmm…will Brandywine SD also meet the wrath of the Pube?

      WDEL VIDEO: Gas leak forces evacuation of Wilmington’s Harlan Elementary


    • Publius e decere

      I’ll cede Delaware Way’s proficiency in gas leaks.

      And yes, LDC — Kavips is of bankrupt mindset.

      No wrath, just the facts. And the reality.


  2. lastDEconservative

    Well, it’s out. The rogue’s gallery of superficial elites selected for the next edition of Imagine Delaware with a Responsible Newspaper just came out. Joining Prince Ledford the Protector (aka, the Pocketer of Difficult Questions) are, well, on my best day, I couldn’t make up this list, go see for yourself.

    And the cynicism, almost lost in the display of ignorance, of Ledford calling it an “open forum” is breathtaking. A forum is:

    : a meeting at which a subject can be discussed

    : a place or opportunity for discussing a subject

    Rest assured, all ye who deign to venture forth, there will be no “discussion” except as occurs in the realm of the evil and the wise. You will be required to sit quietly and be lectured, dare I say educated. Don’t squirm.

    Having extracted all your navel lint while learning, should you seek something equally contributory to the event, you may write on a little card any such thing you might wish to say as if you were in fact considered worthy of comment or question. Ledford will pick a few words off a few cards and form them into such leading sycophantic, I daresay simpering, queries as will put out there those points he either wishes made himself, or that he has yet to raise on the list of points he has been directed to open.

    It’s really quite the spectacle, folks.