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Senator Peterson bitch-slaps Caesar Rodney’s Stapleford! OUCH !

Letters to the Editor: Legislators earn pay / News Journal 

Caesar Rodney columnist wrong

The recent “Comment” column by Dr. John Stapleford titled “The Special value of those who run our state” was either poorly researched or intentionally dishonest. Either way, it does not bolster the credibility of the Caesar Rodney Institute, of which he is president. The salary of a legislator in 2013 was $44,041 a year – not $59,000, as Dr. Stapleford claims. This represents a 4.65 percent increase from 2007 to 2013 (not 17.3 percent) which is 5.5 percent less than private-sector increases over the same period. Some legislators who serve in leadership positions or on certain committees received a stipend for their additional duties but many legislators do not receive any stipends.

Dr. Stapleford’s claim that legislators work only six months out of the year is intentionally dishonest. He knows better. Senators serve (on average) 42,000 constituents each, and House members serve approximately 21,000 each. We serve those constituents and their communities seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Finally, Dr. Stapleford claims that legislators’ salaries are set by the Delaware Compensation Commission, “of whom 5 out of 6 members are legislators and 1 member is from the private sector.” For the record, no legislators serve on that Commission.

Sen. Karen Peterson

District 9