Showdown 2.0. Let the DOE/Jack Markell union busting begin.

Transparent Christina


10.0 Process

10.1 The Department shall provide districts and schools with preliminary notification of a school’s identification pursuant to 7.0 no later than the end of July following the school year on which the identification is based, and final notice shall be given no later than August 1st.

10.2 Notice — A district that includes a school or a charter school identified as Under Improvement shall, at least 14 days prior to the start of the upcoming school year, provide the following notification to parents of students enrolled in that school:

10.2.1 Information regarding the school’s identification and reason for its identification;

10.2.2 For Title I schools, their right to enroll their child(ren) in a different school as prescribed by ESEA, and for non-Title I schools, information on the Statewide Choice program as prescribed in 14 Del.C.,Chapter 4;

10.2.3 For Title I schools, their right to have their…

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2 responses to “Showdown 2.0. Let the DOE/Jack Markell union busting begin.

  1. lastDEconservative

    Interesting headline. Beldar wouldn’t really have such an ulterior motive … would he? His current employment position, not in search of votes, obviates the need for his usual progressive divisiveness — the general population against the (loyally voting union dues paying) teachers as would otherwise be the obvious ploy in this case.
    — Confused in Sacramento


  2. My profession is respected. Bring it on, Beldar. I’ll still be here in 2017.