Governor Markell’s call for reducing senior citizens school tax discount put the screws to Red Clay’s February 24 referenudm

Should all Delaware senior citizens get tax breaks? Jonathan Starkey and Jon Offredo, The News Journal

For the second time in two years, Markell proposed tax changes and a diversion of $40 million from transportation infrastructure projects to balance new operational spending. Much of the new spending is mandatory under current law. That includes hiring new teachers to keep pace with population growth and paying more for Medicaid program that provides health insurance for low-income Delawareans.

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Talk to any senior citizen on fixed income in Red Clay about Markell’s proposal and you’ll get an earful about how they will be voting against Red Clay’s upcoming operational referendum

Way to go Governor Markell, your timing sucks! Or perhaps it’s payback time for Red Clay for the embarrassment re: push-back on Priority Schools.

When Markell’s education agenda gets push back-from educators he’ll screw everyone in his egotistic rage path even old people.


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