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WTF Red Clay Merv a “candidate”! Merv heading to the left coast ??

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So how do I comment on the possibility of Merv’s departure ? I’l try ! I wasn’t please that Merv took park in Markell Race to The Top dream-team! It’s like how can you bitch about Markell punitive agenda when you helped sell it? But yea , Markell method of leadership is I’ll make you offer you can’t refuse. Markell threats of budget cuts for no supporting his wrongheaded agenda was real. I won’t dwell on the negative.

Here is what I like about Merv! He and I had a unique relationship where he was responsive to all my E-mails with many man to man. His phone-line was always opened to me. I pushed the limits in some of my blog post expressing some displeasure with Merv. But despite that he has always greeted me with open arms and a smile. I think he knows, like him I too have a job to do as an advocate and community watchdog. Merv with urging from the board made an executive order, ordering all public board meetings be recorded and posted on the district’s webpage. Red Clay was the first school district in the state to record board meetings. But hats of to John Young and the great folks over at Christina School district where they were the first school board in the state to make it a “policy”. Merv / Red Clay and Christina schools board set the stage for other district to voluntarily record their meetings. Without that support I could of never secured legislation requiring the state board of education to record their board meetings. Merv also gave me a warm welcome each and every-time I crashed the New Castle County Combined Boards meetings where he save me a seat at Red Clay’s table. But I enjoyed sitting with Brandywine on occasion.

Way back during the formation of the Community Financial Review Committee where my public requested was honored by the board calling for the establishment of the CFRC, Merv yielded to some of my demands calling full IBU driven reports be posted online. But sure we can question financial reports and raise some concerns. But the fact remains Red Clay does publish extensive reports even down to vendors change orders. Also, all of my request for documentation were met even down to a full copy of the contract between Teach of America and Red Clay! Copy of lease agreements between Red Clay and CSW.

Merv is very approachable and yea he can blow some smoke every now and then. But the fact remains, he is approachable! Am I going to miss him? So what but He’ll just be an E-mail away! And OMG wait until you see who is lining up for Merv’s Job if he is selected for the left-coast super’s job 😉

Don’t get me wrong here! I am not kissing Merv ass! I have to give him some respect for him engaging me and tolerating my blog post which some go right to the edge.

So good luck Merv and to the folks out on the left-coast, Merv is a good egg!