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LEAN and VINE charter school applications failed to make the cut!

Based upon this review, the DDOE has determined that the charter application for LEAN Tech Academy (“LTA”) does not meet the submission criteria for completeness and quality to merit a full review.

Based upon this review, the DDOE has determined that the charter application for Vine’s Preparatory School (“VPS”) does not meet the submission criteria for completeness and quality to merit a full review

Markell wants to cut senior citizen’s school tax discounts and here’s where he wants to spend it?

  • Communications Director (Education Associate) – Closes 3/9/15

    Within a small tactical team under the Chief of Staff, the Communications Director will drive efforts to strengthen the state’s marketing and branding efforts; two-way communications/engagement with school districts and charter schools; coordination with all DDOE team members; and coordination with external organizations looking to provide support to our educators, districts, schools, and students. Successful candidates will have the skills to effectively communicate the work of the department and maximize opportunities to partner with diverse stakeholders across Delaware. 

  • Education Associate, Office of School Turnaround – Open Until Filled

    The Education Associate for the Office of School Turnaround will ensure that Delaware’s lowest performing schools transform into high performing educational organizations over the next four years. This position will strengthen local turnaround efforts by providing the environment, processes, and support to help turnaround schools produce significant short term gains in student achievement. This position, in collaboration with the Chief Accountability and Performance Officer, will be involved in turnaround efforts from inception through implementation, providing mentorship and support to turnaround leaders and superintendents, and helping to establish effective turnaround practices throughout the State. 

  • Secretary, Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Unit – Closes 02-06-2015

    Delaware is at the forefront of education reform in the United States and uniquely positioned to be a model for the nation. We are committed to transforming Delaware into the best education system in the country and working to ensure that all students are career and college ready. This position will play an important role in advancing the state’s efforts by providing administrative support to the department’s Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Unit. This position is classified as a Secretary and is a member of the Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Unit. This position will be under the supervision of the Director of Talent Management & Educator Effectiveness. 

  • Deputy Officer, LEA Performance – Open Until Filled

    The Deputy Officer, LEA Performance will have an unmatched opportunity to impact education reform not only in Delaware, but across the nation. Over the past two years, the Department of Education has developed performance management routines with Local Education Agencies (LEAs), which include the state’s 19 districts and 20+ charter schools. Each school district committed to an ambitious RTTT plan and student achievement targets that would be achieved as a result of their local efforts. The Deputy Officer plays a significant role in analyzing state and district data and crafting systems-level plans to address gaps in performance.